5 Hip Flexor Exercises For Improved Performance And Endurance

Hip flexor muscles are an important group which play an important role in building flexibility and endurance. They help in lifting the knees and to move them closer to the chest.
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Sportsmen need to workout these muscles on a regular basis, so that they have great mobility and strength in their muscles. If the hip flexor muscles are tight, there is an increased risk of injury, back pain and even back injury. Thus, it is extremely important for fitness freaks and runners to workout their hip flexor muscles so that the muscles get a good stretch, they are well toned and your fitness level is at the optimum.

Here Are 5 Hip Flexor Exercises For Improved Performance And Endurance :

1. Inner Hip Flexion:

This exercise is usually done in a standing position. You will need an ankle strap for the workout and it is usually done on one side of your cable machine.
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You will be fastening a strap towards your lower right leg. You will stand as your back faces the weight stack. In this position, your right leg shall be just behind the body. You will slowly move your foot off from the floor. You will also pull the knee up and bring it in front of the body. In this position, your thigh shall be completely parallel to the floor. You will also slowly lower and move your leg a bit back and get back to the start position. You will repeat the workout. You need to do 10 repetitions for each side. Do in sets of two as you start.

Inner Hip Flexion

2. Bridges:

You will start this workout by lying down as you keep your knees bent. You will also press into the heels. You need to exhale and slowly move your hips above the floor and take them towards the ceiling. In this position, you shall be squeezing the glutes. Again you will be inhaling and then get back to the start position. In this routine, you will be squeezing the glutes throughout. You will not allow your butt to touch ground as you lower in between the number of repetitions. You need to do this movement at least 8 – 10 times as you start the routine.


3. Lunges:

This is popular workout which works out on all the hip muscles. This is a common workout which helps in building strength and power for your hip flexor muscles. Start the workout in a standing position. You will look ahead and then take a small step forward using your right foot. You will also bend the extended knee and then transfer all your weight in the front leg.
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You have to slowly lower your body and get into a lunge position.Your left knee will be hovering just above and shall be slowly kissing the ground. In this position, your right knee shall be just above the right ankle. You should do the movement slowly as you start working out and as you gain strength you can increase the number of repetitions. Get back in a good standing position. You will again repeat this exercise using your left leg.

4. Decline Sit Up:

This is quite an effective workout for your whole body, especially the hip flexors. This workout helps in building endurance and flexibility of the flexors along with the abdominal muscles. This exercise helps in targeting two or more muscles at the same time. For this workout, you need to hook your lower legs just under the support. You will be using a decline bench for the workout. You will lie down with your face up and your hands by the sides of the head. Your back shall be straight and in a comfortable position. You will slowly move the torso from the bench and get into a good upright position. You will again lower your body back and repeat the workout. If you wish to increase the resistance of the workout, you can also hold on a medicine ball or a weight plate just against the chest.

Decline Sit Up

5. Leg Raises:

Start the workout by lying down on your back. Keep your palms by your side. You will then take turns and slowly extend your leg up from the ground. Keep your leg up for at least 2 seconds. You need to hold on your leg at an angle of 45 degree.
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You need to keep your opposite leg bent from the knees as your feet is well planted on the ground. Keep your foot raised and let it point towards the sky. You can again switch your legs and then repeat the workout at least 10 times for each leg. Do this workout three times in a week.

Leg Raises