5 Inner And Outer Thigh Workouts For Strength And Agility

Are you looking for best ways to workout your inner and outer thigh muscles? Squats and lunges are common thigh exercises, but you can add a few more exercises in your daily schedule to improve your workouts. Inner and outer thigh muscles need regular toning and strengthening so that you are able to remove unwanted fat and build flexibility and agility of these muscles. Strong thigh muscles will help in building power, improve your movement and add confidence, especially in the case of athletes and sportsperson. These are mostly easy workouts, but if done on a regular basis, they are known to be highly effective.

Here Are 5 Inner And Outer Thigh Workouts For Strength And Agility:

1. Step- Ups:

These are cardio workouts which help your heart pump, which is good for your overall body and fitness levels. These exercises work effectively on your glutes and legs. When you are doing the step ups, you need to ensure that your weight is on your heels and not the calf muscles. Start by standing in a comfortable position, just in front of one sturdy chair. It should not slide out. You will place the left foot just in the center. Now, slowly step up on the chair. You can again bring the right knee a little forward and up. You can lower your body to the floor.
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Your foot shall be landing quietly. Now, switch your legs and repeat this movement. You will be completely two steps. You need to do 20 steps in all.

Step- Ups

2. Heel Press:

This is an easy and quick workout for your inner and outer thighs, especially for those days when you do not have a lot of time and you are in a great hurry. You will stand comfortably on the floor. Now, slowly move up your left leg, at least three inches from the ground. You will again flex your left foot. You need to slowly move your left knee close towards the chest. You need to crunch your abs also and slowly press the heels away. You shall extend the left leg but do not allow it touch the ground. This exercise helps in working out most of the muscles. You need to repeat at least 25 times. Do this workout three times in a day.

Heel Press

3. Cross Jacks:

Before you do this workout, ensure that you warm up for five minutes at least. This is actually a good variation of the jumping jack workout. You need to start by standing comfortably. Keep your feet a little distance from one another. Your palms shall face down. This shall be the start position. From this position, you will be jumping and then cross your right arm just above your left as well as right foot, but over the left. You will again get back to the start.

You will again cross your opposite foot and arm in this position. This shall be one repetition.

You need to keep alternating the sides and you need to repeat the movement. You will complete at least 25 repetitions.

You will keep your pace and continue jumping till you are able to do the workout at least 25 times. You need to ensure that you keep a good pace. Do not take much of recovery time.
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Thus, in this way, your heart rate shall be up and your body shall be engaged.

Cross Jacks

4. The Burner:

Beginners love this workout as it is easy to perform and helps in building flexibility and stability. Start the workout in a comfortable position.
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You shall be bending the right knee towards the chest as you keep your right foot well flexed. Keep your right obliques and abs engaged at this point. You will again touch the right hand towards the ground and just behind you. This shall help in maintaining your balance. You will again point your right foot and keep your leg extended. You will also bring your right hand to the front. At this point, you shall be squeezing the glutes and also bending the right knee. You will bring your heel close to your butt. You need to complete this entire movement at least 20 times as you get started.

The Burner

5. Leg Lifts:

If you wish to specifically develop your outer legs, you will find this workout a lot beneficial. This is a side lying leg lift. You will lie down on your left side. Keep your legs stretched out well and they shall be just on top of one another. Your abdominal muscles shall be engaged. Keep your back straight, so that you do not tip forwards or backward. You will hold on to your head in the left hand for good support. Slowly exhale, as you lift the leg up and move it close to the ceiling. This should be up to at least 5-10 inches close to the ceiling.

Count three and then get back to the start position. You will repeat at least 10 times. Switch your sides and then workout the opposite thighs.

Leg Lifts