5 Kettlebell Workouts For Sculpted Strong Muscles

Kettlebell is useful equipment not only for strength training but also for cardio. It is one-stop solution to improve cardiovascular functions, tone the muscles, burn calories, reduce fat and strengthen the body. No wonder why fitness experts suggest kettlebell workouts. Some of the most excellent kettlebell cardio workouts are summed up here. Try them to see the positive change.

Kettlebell Workouts

1. Kettlebell Snatch

Stand with feet wide apart and hold the hold the kettlebell in your right hand. Extend your left hand towards the sides at shoulder level.

Swing the kettlebell between the legs. Push the glutes back and engage the abdominal muscles but do not arch your spine. Press the feet against the floor and swing the kettlebell up. Position the shoulders closer to the body as you swing your arm upwards. As you bring the kettlebell up and raise your arm straight up above your head, rotate the wrist to get the kettlebell to the flipside of the wrist. Lower the hand slowly to bring the kettlebell to starting point.

Repeat the snatch for 10 counts and switch sides.

Kettlebell Snatch

2. Shoulder Press

Stand erect with feet spaced out. Hold the kettlebell with both the hands and bend your knees a little. Move your hands to bring the kettlebell facing your right shoulders. Raise your hands up and hold the kettlebell above your head. Do not bend your elbows. Slowly lower the hands towards your left side and hold the kettlebell in front of your left shoulder. Swap sides and do the same. Try to do the same for 20 counts.

Shoulder Press

3. High Pull

Stand straight with feet spaced at a distance and hold the kettlebell with both the hands inbetween the legs. Bend your knees to get into a squat position. Straighten your legs, lift your heels off the ground, pull the kettlebell up high towards the chest and hold the elbows higher than the wrist. Return back to squat position as you lower the kettlebell down between the legs. Repeat the same for 10 counts.

High Pull

4. Swing

Stand with your spine erect and feet apart. Hold the kettlebell with both your hands in front of your body. Bend your knees a little and push the hips slightly backwards. Lower your body a little, but not as low as a squat position. Swing the kettlebell up by pushing the hips forward and engaging the abs. Lower the kettlebell down in-between the legs and swing it up again.
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While you swing the kettlebell, use the hips rather than the arms to push it up and down.

Do the swinging motion for 15 counts.


5. Goblet Squat

Stand straight with the kettlebell in your hand. Hold the kettlebell with both your hands in front of your chest.

Keep the elbows tucked to your torso and start squatting. Push your glutes down, but ensure it does not touch the ground. Return back to original position and repeat the same movement for 10 counts.

Goblet Squat