5 Killer Crossfit Workouts For Women To Build Strength And Endurance

Women and crossfit workouts are not something which is quite unusual. Crossfit moves do not always need herculean strength. Women need to follow a daily workout program which is usually about whole body weight exercises. These exercises help in building significant strength and also muscular endurance. Killer crossfit workouts help in building strength, power and endurance. They are specially benefit for women sportsmen, who need great strength and power. These super exercises help in reducing the stress on muscles, help in training with weight and help to improve the effectiveness of the workouts.

Here Are 5 Killer Crossfit Workouts For Women To Build Strength And Endurance:

1. Butterfly Sit Up:

This is an easy workout for those who are just starting with crossfit training. It helps in building power and endurance in women. Start by lying down on the back. Keep your knees bent. Your feet shall be completely flat on the floor. You need to quickly open your legs and then drop the knees out. They will be moved to each side, as you press the soles of your feet. You will again bring the arms up and just above the chest. You will slowly press the palms together. Your neck shall be long in this position.
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You will be simply using the strength of the abs. Rise up and bring the fingers to touch the floor, just in front of the toes. You can again lower down and repeat the exercise.
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Do the workout 6-8 times.

Butterfly Sit Up

2. Push-Up:

Start the workout by placing your hands on floor. Your hands shall be at least shoulder distance apart. You can then extend your legs, just behind you. Your feet should be hip distance apart. Let your body form a plank position. Stay in a straight line from the head to heels. You can again bend from the elbows at this point, as you lower your body till you find your chest touching.
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You will again press your back up and get back in a start position. You can again modify all push-ups as you place your knees comfortably on the floor.


3. Burpee:

This is an effective killer workout which helps in toning the body and strengthening the muscles. Start by bending the knees. Your hands shall be placed on floor and just below the shoulders. You need to jump your feet just behind you. Now, bend your elbows so that you can lower your body and move towards the floor. You will again quickly reverse this motion. You can jump up straight and then hold your hands just above your head. This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat at least 8-10 times. This will help in toning your muscles and building power to all your muscles.


4. Lunge Hop:

Lunge is suitable for women who lack good mobility and flexibility. This exercise helps in improving blood circulation, helps in increasing endurance and builds mobility. Start the workout, as you step your right foot forward. You need to bend your knees and make a 90 degree angle. In this position your chest shall remain upright. Ensure that your core muscles are tight. You need to bend the elbows and make a 90-degree angle.

At the same time, you will be raising the left fist close to the ceiling. You need to also lower the right fist and bring it close to the floor.
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You will jump as much as you can in this position. You will switch your leg position and your arms midair. You can land in another good lunge position. This shall be one repetition. You can keep alternating. Alternate at least 6-8 times.

Lunge Hop

5. Ring Dips:

You will need a ring in your hand for this workout. You will hold the ring overhead and in a comfortable position for the workout. Start to walk your feet out. This shall make your body make a 45-degree angle. Do not exert too much in this position, if you feel uncomfortable, you should stop in between. You need to completely extend your arms.

Your body shall be in a straight line. You will be in a straight line position from the head to heels.
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Now, slowly bend the elbows and then pull up your chest and bring them close to the rings. Your hands shall be on the sides of the chest. You will not allow your hips to sag in the position. Again, get your lower back down to the starting position. You need to have complete control on your body when you are in this position. To make the workout a bit more challenging, you can also bend your knees and have your feet placed completely flat on floor.

Ring Dips