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5 Landmine Exercises For Building Muscle Strength And Power

Landmine exercises help in building strength and agility for fitness freaks and sportsperson at the same time. These are usually available at the gymnasium. Landmine can be easily set up in the gym and offers great workout option. It bridgesthe gap between the fixed plane machine and free weights. It offers great freedom of movement beyond the pre-set lines. It helps in power building and stamina.
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It helps in training the hips, shoulders and trunk muscles. You can include landmine exercises at least three days in your exercise schedule.

Here Are 5 Landmine Exercises For Building Muscle Strength And Power

1. Landmine Burpee

Burpees offers a great cardio workout for the body. Landmine equipment helps in adding weight and variety to any movement. With landmine workout, you shall be adding force to your legs and shoulders. This means your body is working out a little harder. To do this workout, you need to hold this barbell in your hands. It should be at the height of your chest. Your feet shall be at least shoulder distance apart. You will press the barbell which is overhead. Now, squat down. Bring the barbell down on the ground. Your hands shall also be on the ground. Get back on your feet. You shall be in a plank position. You can get back to your feet. Your feet shall be shoulder width apart. You can pick the barbell as you are in a squat position. Pull the barbell towards your chest. You can again stand and slowly press the barbell overhead. You need to repeat the burpee.

2. Double-Hand Lunge Rotations

Start the workout by facing the Landmine equipment. You will hold the collar in your hands.
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It shall be a baseball grip. Your one hand shall be stacked on the other, as you are holding one bat. Now, take one wider stance. It should be wider than the shoulder of your width. You will press this weight above. Your arms shall be straight. Turn the shoulders and move your feet. This will allow the weight to move to your side. Get back to a lunge. You can bring your weight down towards the knee. Be slow and let the movement be controlled. You can back up with legs. Swing your weight back. Your elbows shall be locked. You need to repeat on your other side.

3. Lunge To Press

Hold the barbell in your hand. You will be facing the Landmine. Bring the hand to your shoulder. You can get back on your side as you hold the barbell. Your chest shall be up as you slowly lunge back. You should be sitting on your front heel. You shouldn’t be going on your front toe. As you get back to the standing position, you will be driving through your front heel. You can press this barbell above.
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Keep your arms extended and get the barbell down. Repeat this lunge back again. You will be completing all the repetitions on one side before you switch. Ensure that your chest is tall. Your abs shall be braced throughout the movement. Do not lean to your side, as you have your barbell.

4. Single-Arm Split Stance Rows

This is a simple power and strength building workout with the help of Landmine equipment. You shall hold the handle just below the weight collar. You will take a stance with the feet at least twice. Keep it wide as the shoulder. You will place your same leg as your working arm in back position. Start bending from your waist. Your back shall be tensed and a bit extended too. You can squeeze your lat. You can pull your body weight up. Your shoulder blade shall move backward and down.

5. Double Landmine Squat

Start by standing between the barbells. Hold a barbell in your hand. Stand straight with arms by your side. Your chest shall be pressed out. Your back will be flat. Slowly sink back your butt. You can drop the barbells to the floor. This is quite similar to a deadlift than squat. Keep your abs engaged all the time. This shall keep your lower back protected. You will not bend the arms as you finish a squat. You can squat low and keep your heels down and back flat. Get back into a standing position. You can squeeze the glutes at the top. While you are squatting your knees shouldn’t be caving in or shouldn’t be out too. Your ankles, knees, and hips shall be in a line in this position. Your heels will be down just in a squat. You can press them and stand up. This is a great strength building workout which gives power to your muscles.


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