5 Leg Muscle Sturdiness Exercises For Runners Strength Without Hurting Knees

Leg exercise are extremely important for runners. However, the problem arises with too much exertion on the legs, which tends to hurt the knees. Runners need to be extra careful so that they do not injure their legs. Strong legs help in improving running, help in stabilizing the lower balance and improves balances. Leg exercises which build strength without hurting the knees are of prime importance as they help in building flexibility and improves performance. These leg exercises will also not hurt the knees and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Here Are 5 Leg Toughness Exercises For Runners Strength Without Hurting Knees

1. Dumbbell Stepup

This is an easy exercise which toughens leg muscles, builds strength but does not hurt the knees. Start the workout by standing just behind a bench. You can also use an elevated surface which will position your thigh parallelly on the floor as you step your foot on it. Hold on to a dumbbell in your hand. Step on the bench and down. Repeat at least 10 times as per comfort level, when you are starting.

 Dumbbell Stepup

2. Dumbbell Split Jump

Start the exercise by holding dumbbells. These shall be positioned at your arm’s length and by your sides. Your palm shall face one another. You need to stand straight and keep your left foot just in front of the right. As you stand, you need to slowly lower your body and get into a split squat. You need to quickly switch different directions and then jump with a great force which shall propel your feet from the floor. Now, you need to repeat the workout as you alternate forward and backward with every repetition. Include this movement in your everyday routine to build sturdy leg muscles.

Dumbbell Split Jump

3. Leg Press

This is an effective power and strength building routine which is good for knee muscles too. You need to adjust the machine. First, you need to make yourself comfortable on the seat as you place your hips just beneath the knees. Your knees shall be in a line with feet. Now, remove the safeties as you are ready to start. Lower the knees and bring them close to the chest. Your knees shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. You can again press back up.You should not go too much low or else your back might just come up the seat. This exercise helps in building sturdy and powerful leg muscles in a short time.

Leg Press

4. Bulgarian Split Squat

You need to stand at lunge length just in front of a bench. You need a dumbbell in your hand. Your left foot shall rest on a bench which is just behind you. You need to slowly lower down your body till the rear knee comfortably touches the floor.
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Your front thigh shall be comfortably parallel to the floor. This single leg training at a time will not hurt your knees. This workout will help in gaining leg strength comfortably for optimal performance.

Bulgarian Split Squat

5. Lateral Band Walk

You will need a resistance band for this workout. This shall be just below the knees. You can stand as you keep your feet hip distance apart.
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Your knees shall be a bit bent.
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As you maintain a tight core, you will slowly step your left foot outwards and to the side. You will then move your right foot in the same way.
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You need to repeat the movement for 30-40 steps. Tension shall be on the band. You need to repeat the movement as you step towards the right.

Lateral Band Walk