5 Lower Body Fat Loss And Muscle Toning Workout For Women

Losing thigh fat, hip fat, and the abdominal fat is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks, especially in the case of women who tend to put on weight in the lower body. You need to do the right exercises which will help in not just losing lower body fat but will also help in building muscles at the right places. Muscles ensure fat burnout which means with healthy muscles you will keep away unhealthy fat.

Here Are 5 Lower Body Fat Loss And Muscle Toning Workout For Women:

1. Hip Bridge

This exercise will target your glutes muscles and help in reducing fat from the lower body. Start by lying down on your back. Your knee shall be bent and will be facing up. You will keep your heels in the floor and slowly lift up your and bring it near the shins. You need to raise your buttocks from the ground. Your back shall form a straight line from your knees towards the shoulders. Stay in this position for at least 2-3 seconds if you can before you lower yourself. Repeat this exercise at least 15 times.

hip bridge

2. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are the best exercise for toning your hips and thigh region. You need to stand and face a chair. Lift your right leg. Knees shall be facing up. Your foot shall be flexed and your heel will be on the seat. You should not lock your knee as you lift the right foot from the chair. You will slowly straighten it and at this point, you will start feeling your quadriceps getting engaged. Keep your leg lifted in the air. You can then bend your legs on floor ad then slowly straighten it. You will do this 10 times. Again switch your sides and do one full set. Ideally, you need to do 2-3 sets as per your capacity.

Leg Lifts

3. Side Lunges Using Kettlebell

Side lungs are quite effective in reducing your hip region and getting rid of hip fat. Start the exercise by standing with your feet together. You will hold a kettlebell and keep your arms extended down. You will then take a big step towards your left with left leg. Your body at this time shall face forward. Your left leg will be facing a bit outward in this position. Now you will bend your left knee and slowly sit back lightly as you keep your left thigh a bit parallel to the ground. Your right leg shall be straight. Stay in this position for some time and then push off. Your left leg shall get back to the start position. You will repeat the same movement with your right leg.

Side Lunges Using Kettlebell

4. Single-Leg Circle

This exercise is just perfect for those who have lower abdominal fat and bulky thighs. Start by lying down on a mat. Keep your arms at your side. The palm shall face down. Now, start pointing your toes, of your left foot towards the ceiling.

Move just as you are about to reach the ceiling.

Keep rotating your legs outward.
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Slowly inhale and make a circle on the ceiling using your left leg. You can move your whole leg. Ensure that your hips are not moving. Your left hip shall also be on the floor. You will make the circle at least 5 times. The movement will be in clockwise direction. You can then switch your legs and do the same movement with your right leg, at least 3 times.

Single-Leg Circle

5. Chair Squatting

This is the perfect exercise for those who are just starting. You need just a chair for this exercise which will work-out your whole body. Start by standing, as you keep your back to the chair. Your feet shall be hip width apart. You will keep your weight on the heels. Slowly move to pull in your abs, working on the muscles. Hinge a bit forward from your hips as you lower the butt close to the chair. You need to pause just as you are about to sit down. Get back to the starting position. Your core will be engaged at this point. You can do chair squatting at least 15 times in sets of three for best results.

Chair Squatting

6. Treadmill Workout

One of the best work-out for your lower body is brisk walking or running. If you are not able to go outdoors you can run on the treadmill. You need to run at least 15 minutes in a day. Bring variations in your pace which will be effective. Start by walking slowly for two minutes and then walk briskly for next three minutes. You can again lower your pace for the next two minutes and run for the next 5 minutes. This is really effective in toning your lower body and removing excess fat.

Treadmill Workout