5 Lumbar Strengthening And Stabilizing Exercises For Bodybuilders

Lumbar strengthening exercises help to stabilize the muscles and builds power, especially in case of bodybuilders who need strong spine muscles. These exercises help in supporting the spine and also help in reducing the risks of injuries and back pain. Lumbar strengthening exercises are special exercises which help in maintaining a neutral spine position, help in building endurance and power and help sportsmen to perform well in various sports activities.

These exercises will help in reducing the risks of injuries during workouts as well. You need to include these exercises in your daily routine to stabilize and strengthen your muscles, so that you stay healthy and fit.

Here Are 5 Lumbar Strengthening And Stabilizing Exercises:

1. Hamstring Stretch:

This is a passive exercise which helps in building the lumbar strength and stabilizes the muscles. Start the exercise by lying down on the floor. Keep your knees bent and your feet shall be on floor. Your spine should be in a neutral position and you need to maintain this position. You will gently straighten the leg and then lift your heels close to to the ceiling. You will be supporting the back of your thigh with your both hands. You need to hold on to for 10 seconds at least. You can repeat using the other leg. You need to repeat three times at least. The muscles of your legs should be made static. You can use the wall to slowly straighten your leg, as you rest the leg muscles.

Hamstring Stretch

2. Kneeling Extension:

You need to begin the move by kneeling down on your fours. Keep your hands just beneath the shoulders. Your knees shall be just below the hips. You need to tighten your core muscles and then lift the right arm and slowly extend it a bit forward. You will slowly lift the left leg and then extend it a bit back. Your toes will be pointed down in this position. You need to hold on the position for at least 10 seconds. You can then get back to the start position.

You need to repeat the exercise at least three times on every side. In case you find the movement too challenging, you can bring some changes in the movement. You can lift an arm or just one leg. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. You can get back to the start position. Repeat at least three times.

Kneeling Extension

3. Sitting Pelvic Tilt With Gym Ball:

The main purpose of this exercise is improve control of the muscles and stabilize the muscles. It also helps in strengthening the muscles and building power, for optimal sports performance. Start the workout by sitting comfortably on a ball.Keep your knees apart and your feet shall be completely flat on floor. Remember that your knees and hips should be completely flexed and they need to be above 90 degree angle.

You need to start tilting your pelvis alternately.
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It should be tilted in posterior and anterior directions. You need to ensure that the spine is anactive and you do not move your shoulders too much when you are working out. Remember to do small movements. You can later start off with larger ones.

Sitting Pelvic Tilt With Gym Ball

4. Exercise Ball Bridges:

This can be described as an advanced stabilization exercise. It helps in introduces an effective unpredictable movement that needs to be responded to the ball movement. Start by lying down on the ground.

Both your feet shall be up on this exercise ball. Keep your legs straight. Your arms will be relaxed by your sides. You need to find a neutral and comfortable spine position at this point.

You will hold on to this position as you slowly tighten your buttock muscles and also lift them from the floor. You need to lift them at least three inches above the floor. You need to do this workout for at least 15 minutes in a day. Do this exercise three times in a day.

Exercise Ball Bridges

5. Sitting Knee Raise:

This is an easy exercise to strengthen your lumbar muscles, tighten them and build power. As you start the workout you will be sitting in a comfortable position.
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Take a few deep breaths and begin. Start the workout by raising a knee.

It needs to be at least 8 cm from the ground. You will again unload your leg by lifting your heel from a comfortable position.

You need to maintain a good alignment in this position. You need to lift the entire leg in this position. Be comfortable and relaxed as you do the workout. You need to do the movements at least 6-8 times when you start the workout. As you get comfortable, you can increase the number to 12-15.

Sitting Knee Raise