5 Most Critical Dangers Of Dumbbell Flyes

Most Critical Dangers Of Dumbbell Flyes

Dumbbell flyes are important for building the body and optimizing your energy levels. They give you a toned and sculpted look.

They are also good for building the chest muscles and giving you that extra edge while body building and weight lifting. But, it is very important to avoid the dangers associated with performing the dumbbell flyes. Any exercise can pose a health hazard if it is done improperly. Dumbbell flyes are no different. While performing the dumbbell flyes, you have to avoid certain common errors.

The risk of injury is very serious if this exercise is not performed accurately. Dumbbell flyes are to be learnt properly before you attempt this exercise at the gym.
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While getting a healthy and fit look is important, it should not be done while risking the hazard of a debilitating physical injury.

Dangers Of Dumbbell Flyes

1. Risking Injuries

A torn ligament or a damaged shoulder tendon can severely limit your mobility and impair your physical fitness levels. It is only through careful consideration of the physical maneuvers that you will be able to perfect them and perform injury free dumbbell flyes.

You should definitely alert your physical instructor or trainer if you are performing the dumbbell flyes for the first time in your life.

Avoiding injuries is very crucial if you want to ensure that you eliminate the danger of dumbbell flyes.

Risking Injuries

2. Using Improper Form

While performing the dumbbell flyes, another danger is that some bodybuilders and weight lifters forget to put their elbows below their shoulder. This then leads to damage and injury to the muscle joints by causing a rupture or tear in the muscles.

Using Improper Form

Dumbbell flyes put a lot of pressure on the joints of your shoulders. If you do not maintain proper form, dumbbell flyes can harm you physically and put you out of gear for a considerable amount of time.

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3. Not Taking Your Time

It is important that you take the time to learn the exercise properly so that you do not experience a shoulder injury or a damaged back. While arching your back, you can curve it too much and experience a serious injury.

Not Taking Your Time

You need to ensure that your stomach muscles are compressed so that your lower back does not get injured in any way. Shoulders can also get damaged if you are not taking adequate precautions while performing the dumbbell flyes.

4. Failure To Lock Elbows

One of the most crucial dangers while performing the dumbbell flyes is the inability or lack of success in locking out the elbows while performing the exercise. The elbows should always be locked out during movement whether you are performing the flyes to build your body or lift weights.

If you neglect to lock out the elbows, you can suffer great damage to your rotator cuff. The result can be a torn ligament or worse. This is generally the cause of many gym accidents involving the dumbbell flyes.

Failure To Lock Elbows

5. Going  At A Fast Pace

If dumbbell flyes are done at an extremely fast pace, the risk of physical injury multiplies.  If you do not move at a steady pace, you will not be able to achieve your fitness levels.

Moreover, you will also suffer from acute physical agony should you incur an injury.

If you move too fast, the muscle will rip and you will have to spend at least 6 months recovering from the injury. While going at a certain pace so that you are able to challenge your body is vital, do not go beyond your limits as this can cause severe damage.

Going At A Fast Pace