5 Most Effective Supplements To Gain Muscle

Supplements To Gain MuscleA bodybuilder who wishes to achieve his aim in a rapid and efficient manner will always eat the right kind of foods, train very hard and exercise to keep himself fit. It is important to know that all this is not enough for a bodybuilder to gain muscle in a quick manner as his body requires much more than what a normal person needs.

This is the reason why experts recommend various types of supplements to all bodybuilders. Choose from these 5 most effective supplements to gain muscle and see your body grow like never before.

Effective Supplements To Gain Muscle

Beta Alanine

This is yet another great supplement for gaining muscle as it consists of amino acids which enter our body through those food items which are rich in protein.

Beta Alanine

It increases the level of carnosine in the body and helps the bodybuilder to perform better when taken in supplement form. Beta Alanine also helps to reduce fatigue, increase endurance and improves the quality and output of your workout. Around 3 grams of beta alanine should be consumed regularly.


This is a substance which occurs naturally in the cells of our muscles and helps in producing energy so that you can perform better during your workouts. Creatine supplements help to gain lean muscle quickly and rapidly, also increases the volume of our muscles cells and also assist in recovery after the workout it compete. You can stop taking this supplement when you need to as it is produced in the body itself. You should take around 10 grams of creatine every day.


Glutamine helps to slow the breakdown of muscle tissues when you are working out in an intensive manner. It gives the individual more strength and also more endurance.
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Glutamine will help a bodybuilder to lift more weights and that too heavier ones for a longer time frame if he consumes glutamine supplement. This will in turn result in your muscles trying to push their limits and gain more muscle. Around 15 grams should be consumed regularly for best results.

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Whey Protein

Whey protein supplements are one of the best supplements for gaining muscles. This supplement helps to supply your body with good amounts of protein along with minerals like calcium and magnesium which get digested easily and help you to perform better during workouts. This in turn results in more muscle gain. It also aids in muscle restoration and recovery and is commonly used as a substitute for snacks. Around 35 to 40 grams of whey protein is recommended to gain muscle mass.

BCAA Or Branched Chain Amino Acids

Taking supplements of BCAAs help to improve the results of your workout ten-fold. Valine, isoleucine and leucine together form Branched Chain Amino Acids. They are the essential elements of protein and help in muscle recovery. The body burns BCAAs quickly when an individual works out.
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Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

By taking supplements of the same, you will restore the lost nutrients and allow the body to gain muscles at a rapid speed.

BCAAs are also useful in increasing endurance and allow the individual to work out for a longer time so that you can gain more muscles. Around 8 to 10 grams should be consumed every day.
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