5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength And Power

5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength and Power
No equipment back workouts are quite popular these days, who are tired visiting the gym. These exercises can be done from home or even when you are holidaying and have no access to equipment. These exercises are often said to be suitable for beginners, who find it difficult using gum equipment. In case your gym trainer is not around and you need to workout your back muscles, these exercises are quite effective in building great strength and power. Your back muscles are totally worked out, circulation improves and flexibility is built. Try these exercises when you are at home or during your holidays.

Here Are 5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength And Power:

1. Dolphin Kick:

Start the exercise by positioning yourself in a face-down position on a bench. Your feet shall be rested on the floor. Your hand will be by the underside of the bench for added support. Now, slowly straight the legs as you raise them. This will keep your lower back muscles engaged along with glutes. The toes shall be pointed far away.

You need to hold onto this position for at least 5 seconds, as you keep every muscle engaged before you drop your feet just below the bench.

You can contract again for some more repetitions. You should repeat 3 sets and each shall be of 5 repetitions. Do not forget to rest for at least 30 seconds in between.
Dolphin Kick

2. Overhead Press:

This is a common exercise, done by beginners too. This overhead press exercise is quite like a dance move. It helps in working out your back muscles, strengthens the back muscles and adds power and strength to the muscles. Start by keeping your feet a bit wider. You will be hinging from your hips and then slowly lean your body a bit forward. Keep your body weight on your heels. Thus, your knees shall not go over the toes. At this position, you will be squeezing down and pretending as you are swimming through the water. You need to repeat at least 20 times. This will help in improving strength and building power for your back muscles.
Overhead Press

3. Hip Hinge:

Start by standing straight and your hands on the hips. Your feet shall be a little distance away and comfortable on the floor. Take a deep breath before you start the exercise. Start the exercise by pushing down the ribs and pulling back your shoulder, as you keep your neck in a neutral position. You need to bend a bit forward from your waist in a controlled and a slow way, as your shoulders are comfortably placed in good line with the hips. Your back muscles should be engaged as you do the workout. You need to bend forward and move till you are almost parallel to the ground. You can again bring yourself back and get back to the start position. You can repeat at least 10-12 times. If you feel a pain, you can stop in between.
Hip Hinge:

4. Booty Blaster:

This is an effective exercise which works on all the difficult to reach back muscles, building strength, power and great flexibility in your muscles. Start by lying down flat on your stomach and in a comfortable position. You should be in a comfortable position. Slowly, move your chest up, as you arch the back while you are interlacing the hands behind. You need to pull your legs and hands up from this position, as your feet are in touch together.

You can move the legs apart and then bring them close together. You can do this entire workout in sets of 20. It will effectively build your back muscles, bring in more strength and power to workout more.
 Booty Blaster:

5. Planks with Arm Raise:

This workout is effective in providing extra attention to the back muscles. It also helps in building muscle flexibility and improves muscle strength. You need to start the exercise in a plank position. Balance on the toes and keep the core engaged. Your shoulder shall be positioned just above the wrists. Your body will make a straight line from your head to the heels. You need to move your weight to the right and pick up the right hand from the ground. You need to slowly move up your arm to a side, as your back is engaged. You should be able to maintain a good balance in this position. Now, slowly squeeze the shoulder blades as your arm is parallel to the ground. You will bring the hand down towards the ground. You can repeat the movement on your other side.

You can continue and alternate the sides. You need to do at least 20 raises on a side.
Planks with Arm Raise