5 No-Equipment Powerful Exercises For A Strong Upper Body

You do not like to train with equipment? Well, you can still workout and achieve a strong upper body and that too, without the use of any gym equipment. Thus, you can still continue with your training sessions when you are not visiting the gym or when you are on a holiday. These exercises can be performed from your home, without any hassles and they are equally beneficial. A strong upper body is most essential for building strength, flexibility, and agility. If you are not fond of training with equipment, you can try out these workouts and enjoy your sessions.

Here Are 5 No-Equipment Powerful Exercises For A Strong Upper Body:

1. Plank Arm Row:

This workout helps in targeting many muscles which include chest, upper back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. You will start the exercise on a mat, in a push-up posture. You will be balancing your body on your toes and hands. Your body shall make a straight line from the head to the heels. You need to move your feet a little wider, which shall be shoulder distance apart. You will keep the hip level and slowly move up your left hand from the floor. You will again bend the left elbow just behind you and then bring the hand just next to your shoulder. You will get back to the start position. You need to repeat the workout, by moving your body to the right. Your left elbow shall be pointing up. You can get back to the start position and repeat. You need to complete at least 10 repetitions. You will do two sets.

Plank Arm Row

2. Diamond Push-Ups:

You need to start this workout in a plank. Your thumbs and index fingers shall meet. They will be in the formation of a triangle just under the chest. You will then bend your elbows and again lower the torso. You need to move close to the ground as much as you can. You will again push through your palms and then straighten your arms. You can also bring a change in this move by slowly dropping to your knees. You need to repeat this workout at least 10 times. This exercise helps in improving blood flow and adds strength and power to your upper body without the use of any equipment.

Diamond Push-Ups

3. Inchworm To Push-Up:

This is another popular no equipment workout which adds strength and builds endurance for your upper body. You will start the workout as you stand in a comfortable position. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. Now, move a bit forward from your hips and you need to place them on the floor. Now, slowly bend your knees as it is needed. You shall walk hands forward, which shall help in a plank position. You will do one push-up in this position. Your elbows shall be quite close to your body and you shall drop to your knees if there is any need. You will again walk hands back and close towards the feet as you stand up. This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat this movement 10 times. Remember to take adequate rest for at least 30 seconds in between the movements.

Inchworm To Push-Up

4. Triceps Dips:

If you love to do triceps, then you are surely going to enjoy this workout. All your upper body muscles are worked out, blood circulation is improved and you are able to build flexibility and stability in your upper body. Start by sitting down in a comfortable position. Your legs will be in front of your body and your back shall be completely against a step or a box. You will then place the palms on a box or if on the step which is just behind you. Your fingers shall be facing your body. Now, you need to straighten your arms and then slowly lift the legs and your butt from the ground. You can again bend your elbows so that you can lower back down. Do not let your butt touch the floor. Your heels shall be on the ground. Your elbows should be just behind the body as you do the workout.

Triceps Dips

5. Pilates Press:

This is a very beneficial workout for your upper body muscles. This workout helps in improving muscle strength and builds endurance and flexibility of the body. It helps in toning the back and arm muscles too. You will start the workout in a push-up position, as you balance on your toes and hands. If balancing is a problem, you can place both your knees on the floor. You need to bend to the right at a 90-degree angle. This shall help in pointing your toes up. You can again bend your elbows just behind you, as you keep the arms close to your body. You will lower just a few inches close to the floor. You can again press your back up. You need to repeat at least 8-10 times. You need to do at least two such sets as you start working out.

Pilates Press