5 Nutrition Secrets For Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

Nutrition Secrets For Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

Many people around the world try the best possible and various ways to gain lean muscle in a rapid manner. They train regularly; pick up heavy weight and workout with full dedication so that they can achieve their goal quickly.

Along with all these, a bodybuilder must remember to take in a nutritious diet on an everyday basis as the food that he eats plays a very vital role in helping him gain lean muscle fast. If you know these 5 nutrition secrets for gaining lean muscle fast, then you can be rest assured that you will achieve your aim soon.

5 Nutrition Secrets For Gaining Lean Muscle Fast

Keep Track Of Your Carbohydrate Consumption


Consuming the right amount of calories is one of the most important nutrition secrets for gaining lean muscle fast. You should know that the primary source of fuel is carbohydrates and without them the muscles get broken down into amino acids to be converted into glucose.

Carbohydrates store glycogen in the body and around 400 grams of it can be stored at a given point of time. Extra carbohydrates will be broken down after you have consumed that amount which can be stored.

Right Time To Eat Carbohydrates

Right Time To Eat Carbohydrates

In order to maximize the effects of carbohydrates in your body, you must consume them at the right time every day. The best time to consume carbohydrates is first thing when you get up in the morning as you have been on an empty stomach in the last few hours and your cortisol levels have increased in this time.

The cortical levels have to be brought down.

It should also be consumed right after your workout as they aid insulin in pulling out amino acids from your blood and sending them to the muscle tissues so that you can gain lean muscle fast.

Fats Which Should Be Consumed

Fats Which Should Be Consumed

Another secret is that fats like mono and poly-unsaturated fats should be consumed if you want to gain lean muscle quickly. Fats like olive oil, peanut butter, mixed nuts, canola and peanut oil should be consumed in moderate quantities to keep your strength intact so that you can train easily.Consume fish at least twice every week or you can also take omega 3 fatty acids supplements as they decrease the fat in blood and also reduce chances of a heart attack.

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Consume Protein Just Before Workouts

Consume Protein

Though post-workout consumption of protein is important for quick recovery and muscle growth, pre-workout consumption of protein is one the lesser known secrets for gaining lean muscle fast.It helps you to burn fat rapidly, increases the energy rate of the body for the next 1 day and helps to improve the body’s composition to a great extent.

The Secret Of Water

Secret Of Water

Water has the ability to enhance your body’s ability to produce testosterone which is a hormone actively involved in the growth of muscles. Dehydration can prevent you from gaining lean muscle fast as it results in decreased levels of testosterone and increased levels of cortisol.As cortisol can stop the growth of lean muscle, it becomes very necessary to prevent its level from rising.

Drink loads and loads of water during the whole day and keep your body very well hydrated when you are working out in the gym or home.