5 Powerful Ab Toning And Strengthening Exercises At Your Desk

No time to hit the gym? Are you worried about not being to workout as much as you need? If your job is hectic and you need to spend several hours at a place or at your desk, you can still workout and strengthen and tone your ab muscles and compensate for the days when you cannot visit the gym. If you can do these exercises on a regular basis and in the right way, these exercises are quite helpful and will help you to strengthen your muscles. You will be able to improve your strength and tone your muscles, and add power to your core as well. The best part is that no one will know you are working out.

Here Are 5 Powerful Ab Toning And Strengthening Exercises At Your Desk:

1. Leg Pull-Ins:

This is a powerful ab workout which helps in working out your lower abs without visiting the gym. This can be done from your desk or sitting comfortably on the chair. You need to start by extending your legs out, as you sit on the edge of a chair.
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You will grab the edges, which will be behind the buttocks. Now, lift the legs at list 6 inches from the ground.
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You need to lean a bit. As you are in this position, you should pull your knees towards the chest. Repeat this movement by extending the legs back as you squeeze the knees in your chest. You need to do at least 3 or 4 sets of this workout.

Leg Pull-Ins

2. Plank Knee Twist:

You will use your chair to get in the position. You can add a unique twist to this workout as you will slowly engage the side of the waist. You need to start the workout by placing your hands at least shoulder distance apart. You will keep your legs extended just behind the back so that you are in a plank position. Pull in your ab muscles close to your spine. You will make a rigid body line as you slowly pull the right knee close to your left elbow. You will also twist the body slowly dip your right hip close to the chair. You will return to the center and repeat the workout using your left knee. You need to alternate the workout for a minute. You need to repeat at least 20 times to workout your abs.

Plank Knee Twist:

3. V-Sit:

This is an effective and powerful workout which strengthens your complete midsection. As you sit down comfortably, you shall scoot your butt close to the front of the chair. You can lean back a bit so that your upper back is comfortably rested on the seat back. You can contract your abs and lift the right knee up slowly. You will again place the foot back. You will repeat the exercise with the other leg. Repeat at least 10 times for each leg. Once done, you will sit comfortably on the edge of the chair. Keep your abs engaged and slowly lean back a little. Move up straight again as you engage your abs. For best results you need to do this at least 10 times as you alternate your legs. When you are comfortable, you can pull your legs up. Finally, you will do this movement together. Your leg shall come up and your upper back shall be leaning on the chair. You can sit straight and let your legs go back down.


4. Leg Pull-Ins Seated:

Start this workout by sliding your butt comfortably to the front of the chair. You can lean back and make 45 degree angle. If this is difficult, you can do as much as your chair allows. As your hands clutch the bottom of this seat by the thighs, you shall draw your legs. Your knees shall be bent and move them up towards the stomach. You need to keep your legs extended and make a 45 degree angle. Do not let your legs touch the floor. You need to complete one repetition. Stay in this position for one second and then you can draw them back with control. You can repeat at least 20 times. However, you need to be careful that you do not lean on the chair. You should keep your torso completely erect.

Leg Pull-Ins Seated

5. Elbow And Knees Alternates:

Start the workout by sitting on your chair. You shall sit straight. Your hands shall be around the head. Start twisting the body as you slowly lift your leg. You need to move your left elbow towards the right knee. Stay in this position for a few seconds. You can relax and then do the workout using your other leg and elbow. You need to do this same movement at least 12 times.

Elbow And Knees Alternates