5 Quick Tabata Exercises You Can Do At Home

Those who never had time for aerobics or cardio exercises can not opt for the shortest way of losing weight.
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Tabata is the ideal way to lose weight in a very short period, and it is effective. Tabata training focuses on interval training and provides you with fast results in a very limited period of time. Compared to 20-30 minutes of cardio, this form of training uses lesser time, and provides you with higher results in terms of burning calories.

Here Are 5 Quick Tabata Exercises You Can Do At Home:

1. Do 4 Minute Sessions

The fundamentals of Tabata training is focussing on intervals in combination with intense exercises. There is a 4 minute session of intense interval training or circuit training. Basically the user is actually doing exercises with high impact and intensity, and then using a break.

Do 4 Minute Sessions

2. 20 Second Sprints

A simple and effective form of Tabata training is Sprint. For instance, you should try and sprint as hard as you can for about 20 seconds. Then you should try and walk for 10 seconds. This entire set should be repeated for at least 7 times, and do at least 8 sets. Hence, in about 4 minutes of workout you are performing high impact exercises to tone the body, and lose weight too.

20 Second Sprints

3. Particular Muscle Focus

There are various other kinds of Tabata training exercises that you can do. The idea is that you should use these exercises for involving the entire body.

Focus on moving and using each and every part of the body would include most muscle groups in your body, including the major ones. So along with sprinting for 20 seconds, you can opt for strengthening the core or abs.

Particular Muscle Focus

4. Use Weights

You can perform Tabata exercises with equipment too including barbells or dumbbells. These exercises can be done using your own body weight also. For instance, simple exercise like push can be involved in the Tabata routine. Try and do push ups at high intensity for 20 seconds then you should rest for 10 seconds, and then perform these sets again at least eight times.
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UsE Weights

5. Don’t Increase Set Duration

When you are doing Sprinting you should try and do as many repetitions as you can. The entire set should not be more than 20 seconds.

Then take rest for a few seconds, and resume again with the same kind of intensity. You should invest in a watch to keep a track of the time. Apart from this you should also try and perform these exercises with a lot of concentration. Remember that losing concentration can lead to injuries.