5 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Cardio Workout

There is a lot of misconception about the benefits of swimming. It is often regarded as a fun sport rather than a workout. But actually swimming is one of the best cardio workouts that you can opt for. It is based on using different core muscles of the body and provides an array of other benefits.

Here’s How Swimming Works As A Good Cardio Exercise-

Works On Multiple Muscle Groups

The main aim of any cardio exercise is to ensure that different parts of the body are engaged in the same. Be it walking or jogging. Swimming is a great cardio exercise because it requires the coordination of the hands and the legs muscles, while working on the stomach too. So butterfly stroke, breast stroke, etc.

are all great forms of cardio.

Gets Heart Rate Up

Another benefit of swimming as a cardio workout is that it makes your heart rate go up. The main purpose of doing any form of cardio is that you should get your heart rate going up.

When swimming at a fast or slow pace, you are able to get your heart rate moving at a rapid pace. Hence, swimming is a cardio that keeps the heart rate thumping.

Causes Moderate Sweating

Since it gets your heart rate up, swimming is also one of the contributory factors to cause moderate sweating. However, because you are in the water, you don’t usually feel that sweat trickling down. But your body is sweating and it is making use of this additional heart thumping to get rid of toxins from the body even in the pool.

Builds Stamina And Endurance

Another purpose of any cardio workout is to ensure that your stamina and endurance levels are boosted. Swimming is known to help boost your endurance levels as you try to gain speed and agility in the water and attain higher goals.

Aids In Weight Loss

And with the heart rate up, your metabolic rate is high too. Swimming is a cardio workout that boosts metabolism rate and aids in weight loss along with fat loss. Hence, it is the perfect solution for someone who is looking for a cardio without stressing the knees or joints.


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