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5 Rowing Workouts To Get You Ripped

The rowing machines are simply amazing on the muscles and for body building. For the people who need to build muscles and gain some amazing body quickly, the rowing machines work wonders on their bodies. The fitness trainers suggest going for the rowing machine workouts for a perfectly toned and sculpted body.

The rowing machine workouts are available for all the core areas and parts of the body like the abs, biceps, triceps, chest and much more. If you want a desirable and awesome body which would make anyone goes crazy, with the other workouts, include the rowing machine workouts in your fitness regime and get amazing results!

Include some of the most iconic and high impact rowing workouts in your regular workout schedule and soon you would get toned and sculpted muscles.

5 Rowing Workouts To Get You Ripped:

1. Rowing Sprints

The rowing sprints are the workouts which can get you an amazing ripped body within just a few repetitions the 30 second sprint and 30 second rest formula works well o this workout. Sit in a position where your legs are near to the rowing machine and perform the sprints. Go for 20-20 repetitions if you are a beginner and then gradually, you can increase the number of sprints. This workout would sleek down and highlight your abdomen making your legs, arms and body more toned and perfectly sculpted.

2. Rowing Pyramid

For more emphasis on the abdomen and legs, go for this super cool workout which would simply make your body amazingly ripped get on the rowing machine and create a pyramid style posture. Sit on the back of the machine and lean your legs forming a pyramid over the machine. Now go for the sprints and perform 20-30 repetitions. This is a cool warm up workout which would simply make your legs and hips more flexible and give a boost up to your arms and upper body. This amazing workout would simply work wonders on your arms and abdomen making it tight and nice.

3. Leapfrog

This is also one of the coolest variations of the row workouts which would gradually but intensively get you amazing posture and toned body. Sit on the rowing machine just in a front position with legs bent and nearly stuck to your upper body. Now perform the sprints for 30 second and rest. Continue to perform this workout for 30 repetitions and then release. This cool workout would in no time start developing muscles, and make your body tighter and adorable.

Include this in your routine and get flawless body.

4. Bent Over Row

The bent over row works amazingly on back, abdomen, biceps and triceps. This amazing workout would simply target thee areas making them more strong and flexible. Bending over the rowing machine would simply make it more comfortable and easy for you as the stretch and movement would get lesser. Perform the bent over row workout for a stunning posture, flexible back and fine muscles. This workout variation of the rowing machine would get your body ripped and stunning within just little time.

5. Standing Row

If you want to focus more on your lower body, here is a cool version of the rowing workouts which would make your body dazzling and perfectly toned the standing rows can be performed with single or double legs. Simply stand on the rowing machine and perform the sprints with 30 second rest and then continue! This would surely ton your arms, legs, back and abdomen.


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