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5 Runners Exercises To Strengthen And Power The Hips

Runners need to have great strength and power. There are several exercises which are specially designed for runners, which helps in strengthening the muscles. Though there are several strength building workouts, all exercises are not powerful enough to add power to the muscles. There are a few exercises which help in targeting the hip muscles, build their flexibility and help in adding endurance. Those who suffer from mobility related problems need to strengthen their hips for better circulation and power.

Here Are 5 Runners Exercises To Strengthen And Power The Hips:

1. Adductor Squeeze:

If you are in a great hurry and need to workout in a short time, this is considered to be quite a suitable exercise. Adductor squeeze helps in building strength and powers all hip muscles. You need to start the workout as you lie down comfortably. You will have a ball or a rolled towel just in between the knees. Now, you need to slowly squeeze this ball just between the knees. This movement will help in tightening the inner thigh muscles or the adductros. Hold on to this position for at least 5 seconds. You need to repeat this workout at least 10 times. If you feel any pain you can stop in between and continue later.

2. Single Leg Bridge:

This is an easy leg exercise which increases mobility and flexibility of the hips. It builds power and adds stamina as well. You will start by lying down on your back. Your legs shall be bent when you are in this position. Keep your feet completely flat on ground. You can again lift the left leg from the ground. You need to extend the leg as you slowly raise the back and your butt. You need to stay in this position for at least two seconds. You can again lower your back a bit downwards and move in a controlled manner. You need to repeat this workout at least 15 times for each leg. Include this exercise three times in a week for best results.

3. Single Leg Raises:

This is one of the most common exercise which has several benefits for your body. It improves strength and adds power to your leg muscles. You need to lie down on the side. Your legs shall be stacked just on top of one another. You will again slowly lift your top leg and place it at about 45 degree angle. You can again lower your leg and then bring it down. You need to repeat this movement at least 20 times for each leg. Your legs and hip muscles shall be strengthened, if you include this workout at least three times in a week.

4. Lying Hip Extension:

This exercise can be done when you are lying down. You will lie down on the stomach as you begin this exercise. Your knees shall be straight. You will then slowly move your leg as you tighten the bottom muscles. Hold on this position for at least 2 seconds. You need to repeat this exercise at least 10 times. Hip extension exercise will not just strengthen your hips but will also tone and remove unwanted fat from your sides. This workout is especially suitable for women who suffer from problems of fat accumulation in the hip region.

5. Donkey Kicks:

For this workout, you need to get on your fours. You will be extending and lifting the legs for this exercise. You will keep the hands on ground. You will not extend your leg backwards in this position. Your knees shall be a bit bent as you kick upwards. Your shoes shall be facing the sky. You need to repeat this workout at least 15 times for each side.


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