5 Scapular Retraction Exercises

Scapular Retraction Exercises

Scapular retraction exercises are quite important and are rightly considered as an important aspect of good trunk posture. Those who have weak scapular retractors are in danger of injuring or straining their spine and back. Thus, scapular retraction workouts are highly recommended to strengthen and improve the posture.

These retractors are vital as they help in squeezing the shoulder blades and  in pulling the shoulders back to an upright position. Here are some recommended exercises from which you will benefit.
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Various Scapular Retraction Exercises

1. Workplace Exercise

Stand or sit as per convenience. Raise your arms upto the level of your shoulders. These should be in front of you. Now, you can start rounding the back as if you are going to hug someone in front. Your arms should not go behind.
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Keep squeezing the muscles which lie between the shoulder blades. Be at this position for at least 10 seconds.
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Once done, release. Your abdominal muscles need to be pulled in during this exercise.

Workplace Exercise

2. Advanced Row

You need to stand to do this exercise so that your legs, abdominal muscles and back muscles are worked upon. You can use a resistance band wrapped just around a pole. You can also use a pulley system around the height of your mid thigh.

You should be in a squat position as you hold the handles. Now walk a little backward to the resistance point. Slowly pull your arms backwards and squeeze the shoulder blades. Now get back to the start position but do not lunge forward.

Advanced Row

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3. Floor Exercise

You can sit on the floor while keeping the legs bent at the knee position. Your feet needs to be placed firmly on the floor. Your hands will be behind and your fingers will point to your buttocks. Try not to keep your hand on the floor.
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You can make small spiders which will allow just your finger tips to touch the floor. Push your chest gently as you slowly push your shoulder blades inwards as if trying to touch one another. Be in this position for at least 10 seconds.
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Release and if not too exhausted repeat.
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 Floor Exercise

4. Rope Exercise

Loop a rope on a wall. Now hold both ends of the rope with your both hands. You will need to pull the rope towards you to ensure that the shoulder blades are brought closer to one another. Stay in this position for at least 6 seconds. Release the tension and if you are not too exhausted, repeat the exercise.

Rope Exercise

5. Transverse Cable Row

You will need a rope attachment on the highest section of pulley system. You can lean back a little but your body has to be straight. Your hands will be on rope and without moving your trunk or legs, you will have to pull the rope just close to your eyes.

You can branch out your arms as you reach for your face. Once done, you can get back to the starting position. These exercises are going to offer you relief from any kind of injury caused in this area.

 Transverse Cable Row