5 Seated Row Exercises And Their Benefits

Seated row exercises come with an array of benefits and can be done at home or either at the gym or even outdoors in a rowing boat. The thing is that most people assume that there is just one kind of seated exercise using the row but that is not true. You can give yourself more than a complete workout to tone abs, legs and hands along with the rest of the upper body.

So Here Are Some Great Seated Row Workouts-

Seated Row Cables Knees Bent

For this exercise, you need to sit on the seat of the row cable and bend your knees slightly. Next you have to pull the cable towards you, using the desirable weight.

When doing so, the elbows should not be going up or down. They should just extend straight and then back. This workout is ideal for the upper arms, your stomach and even the shoulders.

Seated Row Legs Straight

This is an exercise that really helps you work on the lower body muscles, especially the abs along with working on the outer side of your thighs. Keep legs straight and then use both hands to only lightly pull the cable as you lift yourself up from the stomach. This seated row workout not only takes care of the stomach muscles but also the outer part of the thighs.

Above Head Pull

This one targets the entire upper body and works on the shoulder muscles, the chest, your upper arms and triceps. For this workout, you can either sit with the legs folded or even straight.

But instead of pulling the cable towards chest level, you raise the high and take it above the head. A good workout for the upper body.

Push Row Workout

For this push row workout, you have to also activate the lower band of the seat row machine. Now when you are pulling your cable, you also have to push both legs and extend them and then fold them again. This takes care of your lower body. Ideal for those suffering from arthritis.

Alternate Leg Pull

For this work out, you have to bring the alternate leg up every time you pull the cable towards you. Remember that the move should be slow and controlled, else you can hurt your muscles. This takes care of the complete body and aids in weight loss.



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