5 Shoulder Stability Exercises For Weightlifters And Athletes

5 Shoulder Stability Exercises For Weightlifters And Athletes

Weightlifters and athletes all over the world, face one common problem – the ability to have healthy and stable shoulders. Regular training and strict schedule, often causes problems with the shoulders. With a few shoulder stability exercises included in an everyday routine, it is now possible to achieve shoulder flexibility and stability. These exercises offer complete support, cushioning and relaxation to the muscles, which helps in improving blood circulation. It helps in keeping away injuries and helps in healthy muscle growth and overall fitness.

Here Are 5 Shoulder Stability Exercises For Weightlifters And Athletes:

1.Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

This exercise helps by reducing any kind of strength imbalances in the muscles which can cause instability and pain in the shoulders. Start by sitting comfortably on a low back bench. You will have a dumbbell in your hand and just above the shoulder height. Ensure you have a strong grip. You head has to be straight and your spine shall be perfectly aligned.
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Keep your eyes focused in front and lift your shoulders back, as you slowly press the dumbbells overhead. You need to make an arc towards one another, but be sure that they are not touching in the top. You need to do a squeeze and then reverse the motion. You can get back to the start position and repeat at least 6-8 times.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

2. Face Pulls:

This exercise helps in stabilizing the delt muscles and reduces any shoulder imbalances. It helps in building strength and power for athletes and weightlifters. You will need a light band. Wrap this band around a rack. You will then hold this band with your hands and move them at least one foot apart. Your palm shall be facing downward in this position. You need to pull this band towards your forehead. Your elbows shall be in a higher position. They should be just behind your hand as you do the workout. You need to repeat at least 10-20 times as per the strength and your endurance level. You will be able to workout your shoulder muscles effectively and ensure that they are stable and healthy.

Face Pulls:

3. 90 Shoulder Stretch:

This is quite an effective shoulder stability workout which stretches the muscles and improves circulation. This helps in reducing chances of soreness or imbalance of the muscles.
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You need to stand in a doorway for this easy workout. You will hold up your arms and make a 90-degree angle with your arms. This 90-degree angle shall be formed to the body at your shoulder. You can place each hand at the sides of the door. You can also place a foot forward as you slowly stand straight. You should be able to align your neck with the spine. Now, lean a bit forward comfortably and brace against this door. You will feel a stretch on the shoulders. Pause for 30 seconds as you stretch. You can repeat this movement at least 3-4 times, if you are into regular training and need to support the shoulders.

 90 Shoulder Stretch

4. Serrano Press:

This is a common shoulder stability workout which hits even the smallest muscles in the shoulder girdle, thus working on each of them. It also stabilizes the larger muscles like to deltoids. Start the workout by lying down comfortably on an inclined bench. This bench should be set at 45-degree angle ideally. You will need a set of dumbbell ( preferably light) and start rotating the shoulders. This should be done as your arms are in line with the body. You need to extend your arms as if you are pressing them. Keep an arm extended, as you do isopresses. Check to see that your arms are well in line with the inclined bench.

 Serrano Press:

5. Kettlebell Snatch:

This is often described as a fun exercise which is effective not just in stabilizing the shoulder muscles, but also helps to work out the whole body. This is a powerful and dynamic exercise which helps in improving stability and flexibility of the shoulders. You need to have a kettlebell placed in a comfortable position just between the feet. You can then bend the knees and push the butt a little back. This shall be the start position.
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You need to look straight and swing this kettlebell a little back and between the legs. You need to quickly reverse this direction and move them through the knees and hips. You will be accelerating the speed a bit upward as you do this. When the kettlebell is raised above the shoulder, you can rotate the hand and punch up.  You need to do this movement at least 6-8 times as you start and then increase the count as you get comfortable.

Kettlebell Snatch: