5 Simple Steps To Do Triceps Bench Dips

Steps To Do Triceps Bench Dips

Everybody loves to have a good physique in order to look dashing and cool. Some people are born with beautifully toned abs and triceps but for others, who really want to have a well toned and muscular body you must perform various exercise. The most common form of exercise that one can perform to have a great body posture with attractive looking triceps is triceps bench dips. There are various benefits of the exercise- it makes you stronger, strengthens your muscles, provides proper balance and flexibility to your body and also helps in boosting your energy. You do not have to go to gym in order to perform the triceps bench dips, if you think you are capable enough you can do it in your home also. The triceps bench dips can be performed any time of the day when you have the time to perform the exercise.

If you are performing at home you can use a low table or a desk or a lower bench and even the bonnet of a car can be used as a support while doing the triceps bench dips.

Here are some simple steps by step description which you can follow to do the triceps bench dips

Need Support

Firstly, look for the support like a low table, bench or the surface of the desk and then position your body to the support by keeping your hands next to your hips.

Need Supports

Support Your Body

Secondly, try to side off your body so that your entire body is supported on your arms and legs.

Need Support

Leg Positioning

Thirdly, position your legs in such a way so that the thighs are kept at a perpendicular angle.

Leg Positioning

Thigh Hips Coordination

Fourthly, keep the thigh hips width apart so that it is parallel to the floor and then try to lower down the body by making your elbows and knees bend. Keep in mind that the lower leg should be in the perpendicular angle.

Triceps Dips

Lift The Body

Lastly, lift your body and return back to your original position and take a pause for few seconds.

Couch Dips

Perform the exercise for 10-15 times or as much as you can until you are fatigue.

You will be feeling tired after 4-5 postures because the entire pressure will be on your legs and hands, but try to increase your capacity for best results.