5 Simple Steps To Perform Ab Roller Exercise

Abs roller is simply a pair of wheels joined together with the help of a shaft. The main focus muscles for abs roller are the core muscles. Ideally a 10 min abs roller workout would suffice at the starter level to tone your abs muscles.

There are many types of abs roller exercises and as you start getting comfortable with the machine you can keep adding variations to it. Right now for the beginners, let us have a look at some simple steps to perform the abs roller exercise regime.

These Are Steps To Perform Ab Roller Exercise

Find The Right Space And Set It Up

It is important to find the right space for performing the exercise; you need to place a soft mat on the ground to give you a grip as well as prevent any bruises.

The Start Position

The basic first step is the starting position. You need to form a position such that your knees are resting on the ground and you are on your four limbs with your palms resting on the ground as well. This is the basic start – end position. Once you take the position hold the abs roller in both your hands while keeping the rolls on the ground.

Simple Roll Out Step

Next step is the simple forward roll out. With the help of the abs roller push your hands forward with the help of the wheels and stretch in a straight forward direction. While doing this keep your abs muscles tight and pulled in. Hold the position for 1-2 minutes and get back to the initial start position. Make sure you are using your abs muscles to apply force for returning back. Repeat the sets for about 10-12 times.

Try The Diagonal Roll Out

A slight modification to the above straight roll out is the diagonal roll out. Keeping all other things same you just need to stretch diagonally and not straight forward. Again repeat the same for about 10-12 times.

Close It With Stretching Exercises

When you done performing the abs roller exercises it is advisable to perform stretches especially focusing on hands and abs muscles before closing.

The abs roller is simple easy to perform and inexpensive instrument for toning and building your abs. once you get comfortable with the aforementioned simple exercises, you can add variations and go for complex exercises and more number of sets.


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