5 Single Leg Exercises For Endurance, Power And Removing Imbalances

5 Single Leg Exercises For Endurance, Power And Removing Imbalances

Single leg strength should never be ignored – especially when you are an athlete or into fitness. Single leg training is essential in building endurance, gives power to the thigh and leg muscles and helps in removing imbalances of the body. These exercises are quite common and help in focuses on leg muscles mainly. Most of these exercises can be done by beginners and without the guidance of an expert. They focus on developing single leg muscles at a time and are known to be quite effective in the long run.

However, people with chronic knee pain should not do these workouts on a regular basis and should be done only under the guidance of an expert.

Here Are 5 Single Leg Exercises For Endurance, Power And Removing Imbalances:

1. Barbell Reverse Lunges:

Start the exercise by standing on a platform, which helps in increasing motion range. It also helps in improving the training stimulus of the lower body. You need a barbell across the shoulder, as you position yourself, just on the top of a stable aerobic platform. You can also position yourself on top of a 45lb plate.

Now, you need to slowly step a bit backward using the right foot. You will then get back to a lunge position, which will let your back knee to touch the floor a bit. You can then reverse the movement and get back to the platform. Now, slowly alternate each leg at a time.

You need to do this for 5-6 minutes as you start.

Barbell Reverse Lunges

2. Single Leg Curl With Stability Ball:

This is a smart workout for the lower body which helps in building endurance, power, and stability of the hamstrings and glute muscles. This workout is quite effective for fixing muscle imbalances and builds power. Start by lying down on your back. Your hands shall be spread to the side. Keep your palm facing down. You need to have one leg straight and on a stability ball. This shall be on the lower calf and close to the Achilles. You will again bend your outer leg and pull it close to the chest. Now, you need to bridge up, with a leg on the stability ball, as you start curling it close to the butt. The movement shall be in a controlled and slow way. As the ball quickly reaches the butt, you can slowly extend the leg back and get back to the start position. You should be squeezing the glutes. You can keep your hips in an elevated position and through motion. You need to do 15 repetitions. Do 3 sets.

Single Leg Curl With Stability Ball

3. One-Leg Romanian Deadlifts:

This is your way to building great stamina, endurance, and power. Start by standing tall and comfortable on the left leg. You will hold a barbell just in front. Now, hinge a bit forward from your hips, as your left knee is kept bent and at an angle of 20 degree. You need to stay in this position till your rear leg and the torso are in a way parallel to the floor. You can then reverse your motion. You need to do all the repetitions on the same side and then switch again.

One-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

4. Bosu Ball Glute Bridge:

This single leg exercise includes a few non-moving or isometric holds, which works on the muscles in a hard way. Start by lying down on the back. Keep your knees bent and your heels shall be close to the butt. It shall be flat on the floor. You can place a foot on top on the ball. You will again extend the other leg and move it next to it and close on the floor. You will do a bridge. You need to be driving through the hips and extending the lower back, which will help in activating the glutes. You need to keep the left leg above the floor and in air. Stay in the position for at least 10 seconds. You will then again lower your butt and get back to the start position. This shall be one repetition. As the butt will touch the ground, you can move to do the next repetition. You need to do at least 10 repetitions for each leg. Do 3 sets.

 Bosu Ball Glute Bridge

5. Forward Lunge:

You will need an Olympic style rack or a good grip position for good flexibility. You can also use a comfortable cross-arms position. You need your head and spine to be in a neutral position. Now, with a single leg, step forward and get into a lunge. Your foot shall be comfortable and in a line with the hip. You should be maintaining a normal stance width. Keep your torso upright. Now, you need to start to descend till the knee is able to touch the ground. You will be driving mid-foot of your front foot and get back to start position. Your knee shouldn’t move too far or to the front of your toes. You need to do this 6-7 times as you start and then increase as per your comfort.

Forward Lunge