5 Soothing Wall Yoga Poses

A wall can be a great support to find your body’s center of balance while doing a few inverted yoga postures. The wall will help stay steady, reduce falls and do the postures perfectly. Some of the wall yoga poses that will help you beat stress and stay hale and hearty is briefed here.

Here Are The Wall Yoga Postures:

1. Leg Up The Wall

Sit down next to a wall. Sit five inches towards your right. Breathe deeply and tilt your torso towards the floor and move your legs upwards against the wall. Place your head, shoulders and back on the ground and unbend your legs against the wall. Move close to the wall and stretch your torso from pubis to shoulders. Place your arms extended on the sides with palms facing upwards. Hold this position for 3 minutes.


2. Half Forward Fold

Stand in front of the wall at a distance of three feet away from it. Start with the toe-touch pose and begin raising your head forward making use of your neck muscles. Your spine should go along with your line of sight. Straighten your arms and force down the palms against the wall. The arms should be in line with your shoulders. Your hip, back, shoulders, arms and head should be in a line and you should be able to feel a good stretch throughout the trunk and the legs. Hold this position for 2 minutes and relax.


3. Standing Split

Start in mountain pose alongside a wall. Stand a few feet away from the wall. Stretch your arms on your sides. Lift your arms overhead and inhale. Breathe out as you bend at your hips to come to standing forward bend position. Keep your legs unbent and bring your hands towards the floor. Shift your body weight to the right foot and press your palms against the floor. Slowly lift up your left leg upwards behind you, against the wall. Raise it as much higher as possible. Simultaneously move your hands backwards and adjust your body, so that your right leg is close to the wall and the left leg is stretched higher. Push your upper body close to the right leg.
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Breathe in, let your shoulders relax and tuck your chin. Turn your left thigh inwards and position your right knee and foot forward.

Stay in this position for 2 minutes and repeat the same with the other leg.


4. Forearm Stand

Begin with downward facing dog position next to a wall. Keep your back and shoulders firm to get into the inverted position. Bring your forearms nearer to the body and press your palms flat on the ground. Bend your right foot at knees and slowly raise it up with the wall’s support. Stretch the left foot to maintain balance. Slowly raise your left foot upwards. Try to stretch both the legs straight up and lift your head and torso off the ground by balancing on your forearms. Stay in this position for a few seconds and relax.


5. Supported Headstand

Kneel down on the mat facing the wall. Place your fingers interlocked close to the wall. Place your head on the floor enclosed by your fingers and take your feet backwards. Raise your hip and knees off the floor. Now your body will be in an inverted V-shape. Firm your back and legs and raise your knees and legs upwards against the wall. Straighten the spine and raise your legs up. Hold this position for one minute and return to the original position.