5 Steps To Do Concentration Curls For Strong Biceps And Forearms

Concentration Curls is a type of exercise that is done to build strong biceps and forearms. This type of workout works towards building the strength of the primary muscles – biceps.

Forearms are the secondary muscles that also get strengthened with this move. Both men and women can perform this exercise. This exercise is simple and easy to perform. So if you are the one who wishes to have dense and bulky biceps and strong forearms should do this amazing exercise. In this article we will tell you about five steps to do concentration curls.

In order to do concentration curls, all you need is a dumbbell of whichever you are comfortable with and a bench.

One thing you need to ensure is that while moving your arm, the upper region of the arm will remain fixed and only the forearm will move. With practice you can increase the weight to make the move challenging and result oriented.

Take Starting Position

Sit on the bench and spread your legs wide. Your feet should rest on the floor comfortably.

Keep a dumbbell in between the feet.

Now using one of the hands you need to hold the dumbbell. Keep the back region of the arm which is holding the dumbbell on the upper portion of your thigh on the same side.

The Movement – Arm Extension

Now you need to slowly extend the arm with the dumbbell towards the downward direction.

Make An Arc

Try to squeeze your biceps a little by bringing your arm with the dumbbell upward to form an arc. Breathe out the air as you do this step. Curl your arms and take them up with full concentration. Do this movement till your biceps are completely squeezed and dumbbell reaches the height of your shoulder.

Hold The Position

One has to stay in this position for one or two seconds.

Final Position:

This is the final step wherein you need to get back to your starting position i.e., Step 1. Your arm will be extended and in the downward position. As you come back to the starting position you need to inhale.

Now do the above steps with the other arm. This completes one repetition of concentration curls exercise. Do nine more repetitions on both the arms to complete one set of it.


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