5 Steps To Doing Full Boat Pose And It’s Benefits

Steps To Doing Full Boat Pose And It's Benefits

One of the best stomach workouts for you has to be the ‘paripurna navasana’ or the full boat pose. The term in Sanskrit means the complete circle or full circle of the boat. And hence, the name Full Boat Pose comes from there. It is a posture of yoga that requires a lot of effort and is focussed on improving your inner strength. It is the action of the mind, body and your core that works together to create the pose.

Here Is A Guide On How To Do This Exercise Along With The Many Benefits It Provides-

Step One – Sit On Floor

The first step requires you to take a seat on the floor, where you should be sitting on the butts and your knees should be bent. Both the feet should be placed firmly on the ground and your legs should be together. Then take your hands and slightly put them behind your butts. Both the fingers should be facing toward forwards. Keep elbows bent and away from the body.

Sit On Floor

Step Two – Leaning Back

The next step here is to lean back slightly so that you are able to lift the heels off the floor. However, you have to lean back just slightly, while staying erect. Bring the shoulder blades close for a moment as the chest is lifted and opened. Now, start straightening the legs, using the heels.

Leaning Back

Step Three- Straighten Legs

Now is the time to straighten your legs to an angle of about 45 degrees, but parallel to the floor. When doing this lift and straightening, you must remember to keep the toes above eye level. If this sounds very difficult for you then you should consider bending them a bit. Doing so will help keep the toes at the right level. If you want, you can also cross one leg over the lightly for better balance.

Straighten Legs

Step Four- Spread Arms

Now you have to stretch both arms along the side of your legs, while the palms face down. Now you have to spread the shoulder blades and extend your arms further so that it seems you are about to touch your toes.
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The arms facing forward and extending ahead helps in the process of contracting the abs.

Also, when doing this pose, in case you are unable to extend the arms, you can also try keeping them under the hips or grab the under thighs for a bit of support. There are a few ways you can hold your hands here.
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You can either extend them forward, raise them above the head or even keep them in folded position. Try variations once you ace the base posture.

Spread Arms

Step Five- Hold Posture

Now is the time to hold this pose for a while. 20-30 seconds is ideal. Once done, time to get back to pose one. As you release the arms and chest, you should make sure that you are able to do so in a smooth motion and not abruptly. Else, you will only cause injury. Repeat this at least 2-3 times to feel that intensity.

Hold Posture

Benefits of Full Boat Pose

One of the biggest benefits of the full boat pose is that it tones the ab muscles along with adding strength. In particular, women are known for benefiting from this post delivery, when muscles tend to get weaker. This is also a pose that is about balance and improves your core performance. Improves balance and helps your spine and hip flexors getting moving too.
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On the whole, this is a posture that fights thyroid, helps you lose stomach weight and boosts confidence.

Benefits of Full Boat Pose