5 Strength Building Exercises For Elders

Strength-building exercises for the elders can help them in building stronger legs, knees, arms and shoulders. These exercises are light and are usually done at a moderate pace. These help in keeping fit and healthy for longer time. Regular training sessions help in building muscle strength and endurance which is much needed. Though these can be done by anyone, it is still recommended to speak to your Doctor once before starting any of the workouts.

Here Are 5 Easy Strength Building Workouts For Elders:

1. Partial Squats

Squats help in increasing flexibility of hip muscles. It strengthens quadriceps and hip flexors and also improves the walking ability. It also helps in standing up from seated position. It improves stability and balance while reducing risks of falling. Start by keeping your legs a bit apart from one another. Keep your hands on hips and lower your body, as if sitting on a chair.

Wait for 3 seconds and stand up. Do this 5-6 times as per your comfort level.

partial squats

2. Wrist Curls

Wrist curls help in strengthening the fingers and grip. They help in hand movement and build flexibility of the fingers. Rest your forearms on a chair. The hand shall be over the edge. You need to hold weight with the palm facing upwards. Now, slowly, you need to bend the wrist up and also down.

You need to repeat this 10 -15 times. Do the same movement with your other hand.

Wrist Curls

3. Two Shoulder Exercises

This workout helps in improving arm movements and strengthens the shoulders. It becomes easier to lift a bowl or to lift a suitcase which is often a concern for the elderly. It also reduces shoulder pain. To do this, sit down comfortably. You need a dumbbell in your each hand. Keep your elbows bent so that the dumbbells are up on the shoulders. The palm shall be facing forward. From this position, the dumbells shall be pressed forwards, towards the ceiling and then slowly lowered back to the shoulder level. Exhale as the weights are raised.

Two Shoulder Exercises

4. Chair Dips

Chair Dips help in strengthening the arm muscles and help in making movements of the arms flexible. You can start by sitting, and keeping your feet on the floor firmly. Feet shall be a bit apart as much as comfort level. Start leaning a bit forward as the back and the shoulders are kept straight during the movement. Hold on to the arms of the chair as you keep your hands just next to you.

Slowly breathe in. Exhale as you slowly use the arms and push the body off the chair. Stay in this position for a second.

Inhale and lower down. You can repeat this movement as many times you wish.

chair dips

5. Sit Backs

Sit backs are the perfect workouts for elders as they help in strengthening the core muscles. The body gets better flexibility and mobility is easy. Start by sitting on the floor. Keep the knees bent. Your arms shall be cross in front just like you are hugging yourself. Sit back as per your comfort level slowly. You just need to engage the core muscles and avoid the rounding of your back. If you need help you can have someone sitting close to your feet for additional support. This way, your feet doesn’t lift up from the ground. Repeat 4-5 times in a day as per comfort level.
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sit backs