5 Strength Training Exercises To Beat Flab And Go Fab

Strength Training Exercises

It’s a dream of every girls to have a beautiful and curvy figure like Jennifer Lopez and for every boys say Sylvester Stallone of olden days when he was young and dashing with all that muscles. In order to attain the same one has to perform regular work out and maintain a strict balance diet. But it is very difficult to achieve such goals in today’s rat race world. But still one have perform certain work out to reduce the fat content of the body to reduce the risk of obesity or any other fat related problems.

Here Are Some Strength Training Exercises To Beat Flab And Go Fab Which You Can Perform Easily Even At Home.

Dumbbell Squats

This exercise is very effective exercise in reducing flab. To perform the exercise you will only need dumbbell of suitable weight.

Just stand up straight with your legs wide open. Hold the dumbbells in both your hands and by bending your arms and by keeping the palms facing inwards rests the dumbbells on your shoulder. Bend your knees and squat in a seating position. Stay in this position and raise your hands straight up in the air.

Hold your breath for few seconds, then exhale out the air.

Perform the dumbbell squat exercise of 10-15 times daily.

Dumbbell Squats

Forward Squats

Another form squats, usually done to give a proper muscular structure of your abs. Very simple to perform the exercise. Bend your body and keep your right leg in front position while stretching your left leg and the fingers of your hands must be touching the floor in order to perform the squat. Repeat the same by keeping the left leg in front position and stretching the right leg. Continue the exercise in both positions for 10-15 times.

Forward squats

Extended Cobra Stretch

This leg stretching exercise is very effective. It is very helpful for stretching your spinal cord. In order to perform this exercise just lie upside down and by keeping your arm in perpendicular position try to lift your body from the knee by forming an arch, just like cobra when it raises its head. Try to bend your hips and try to make your body an inverted V-shape. Just make sure that your chin is against the chest. Stay in that position for 10-15 seconds and return back to the original position. Be very careful with the stretches you are making. Don’t try to stretch your body too much as it might cause muscle cramps.

It is very effective exercise in to beat flab and go fab.

Cobra Stretch


One of the best exercise to perform is the Planks. Lie down with your head upside down. Keep your legs straight and your arms in a perpendicular position. Raise your body in air. Put pressure in your arms resting in the floor and your toes. Your body should be in a straight line. Slowly raise your hips upwards. Stay in this position of 5 seconds and return back to your original position. Perform 10-15 planks daily.


Biceps Curls

Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Hold the dumbbell of suitable weight in your right arm and curl them upwards towards your shoulder. Simultaneously bend your right knee in the parallel direction to the floor. Hold this position for few seconds and return to your original position. Repeat the procedure for 10-15 times.

Biceps Curls