5 Strength Training Women Workouts Without Weight

Strength training workouts will not just help in improving your strength, flexibility and coordination, but they also help in adding power and strength. Traditionally, whenever we think about strength training, all we can think about are dumbbells and barbells. It has been observed that women tend to stay away from weights or are simply not much comfortable with weight training. How does a lady train in such a situation when she does not have access to a good gym or when she does not wish to train with weights? There is nothing to worry, as there are many strength training workouts which can be successfully done without weights.

Here Are 5 Strength Training Women Workouts Without Weight:

1. Kettlebell Swing:

This is a great exercise for your lower body and helps in targeting your shoulders, glutes, calves and hamstrings. To do the workout, you need to hold on to the handle of a water jug with your hands and hold it just below the pelvis. Your arms shall be completely straight. You can again lean down and then bend the upper body a bit slightly forward. You will again push the butt out, as your back is kept straight. It is quite like you are squatting but your knees shall be bent in this position.

This shall be the start position. Now, with all your force, you need to slowly squat back up and get back in a standing position. You will thrust the pelvis a bit forward.
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Ensure that your arms are straight and do not use the arms to lift it.
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Your pelvis and the legs shall initiate the water jug movement. As the water jug moves to the chest level, you can again move your body and push the butt out. This shall be a single repetition. You need to aim for at least 20 repetitions.

Kettlebell Swing

2. Down Dog Abs:

To do this workout, you need to start in a downward dog position. You need to quickly push your weight towards your heels, as you reach your tailbone to the sky. Now, slowly lift the left leg and you need to squeeze your left glute. You will exhale and then move your weight a bit forward using your hands. You will also draw your left knee close to your nose as you pull down your abs towards the spine, so that you can round your back. You need to inhale and then lift your left leg up so that your body weight is slowly pushed to your heels. This shall be a single repetition. You need to complete 10 such repetitions on each side. This will help in working out your upper body and shall also focus on the abs.

Down Dog Abs

3. Overhead Press:

This exercise will help in working out your traps, deltoids and triceps. This is a wonderful way by which you can strengthen your back and arms. In order to do this workout, you need to tighten the core. You will stand straight, as your feet is placed shoulder distance apart.
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You will slowly push up your chest, just as you are puffing it. You need to hold on to your gym bag and place it just across your front shoulders. It will rest on the collarbone. This will be your start position. You will again squeeze the glutes. This will help in stabilizing your body. You will again push the bag in a straight line. You might need to move your head a bit backwards, as you slowly press so that you are assured it is in a straight line. You will hold this bag just above the head. Your arms shall be straight for a few seconds before you can again lower the bags to shoulders. This shall be one repetition. You need to repeat 12 times.

Overhead Press

4. Beach Babe Push Up:

You need to start this exercise in a plank position. Your knees shall be on the mat. You will again extend the right leg a little straight and keep it beind you. It needs to be parallel to the floor. You can keep your abs engaged. Your left heel shall be in line with the hips as you keep your glutes engaged. As you keep your right leg extended, you need to slowly exhale and then bend your elbows. You will again lower and get in a push-up position. You can then inhale so that you can straighten the arms. Allow your legs to remain lifted.
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You can count one. Repeat 5 counts on each side. This is an effective workout which can actually challenge the arms, as you tone the abs. You will squeeze the glute muscles of your lifted leg so that you are able to tone the butt as well.

Beach Babe Push Up

5. Chair Dips:

To do this workout, you need a strong chair just behind. Keep your face away from the seat and place your hands at the edge of such a seat. Your arms shall be straight. Now bend the knees so that you are in a seated position. This is the start position. Now, you will quickly bend your arms and make a 90 degree angle. You will lower your body. As you reach such an angle, you need to hold on this for a few seconds and then straighten the arms again. You need to get back to the start position. This will be one repetition. You need to repeat at least five times as you start.

Chair Dips