5 Strengthening TRX Exercises For Your Body

Do you wish to add a twist to your workout regime; TRX exercises are just your thing then. TRX stands for total body resistance exercise and works on the fundamental principle of using the gravity and your body weight for strengthening the body.

This basically includes some elastic bands that are securely attached to a support and you have to use these while exercising; we will tell you how.

These Are Some Strengthening TRX Exercises For Your Body

TRX Modified Push Ups

This will act on your shoulder muscles, chest and arms and is not very difficult. All you need to do is fix your feet in the bands so that the upper part of your feet faces the floor; while maintaining this position continues with your normal push-ups.

TRX Modified Kneeling Triceps Press

This exercise is for your triceps muscles. You need to hold the band and pull it so that you are in a slant position with your back facing the ground; so that you are at 120◦ angle with the ground. Once in this position pull yourself away from the ground and repeat these cycles.

TRX Modified Biceps Curls

This exercise involving your biceps muscle is a modified version of the previous exercise. The only difference is that while pulling your body away from the ground, your hands have to reach your forehead level so that they are parallel to your temples.

TRX Modified Lunges

This is the modified version of lunges which focuses on your legs and abs. so you need to anchor one foot in the strap and place the other foot properly on the ground. Once your position is secure, bend your knee to complete the exercise.
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Repeat the same process with your other leg as well.

TRX Super Squats

Your abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings are targeted by these squats. Hold the bands with both your hands and slowly squat down so that the bands bend down by sides. Holding the bands push your body back to the start position. The only difference here is that the TRX bands are your support.
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These above mentioned exercises are for beginners and are help in strengthening your body intensively.


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