Only physical strength is not sufficient, one should be mentally and emotionally strong too. Yoga addresses to all the key aspects – physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person that helps in complete development of a person. Performing these poses regularly brings equanimity in a person.

In This Article We Will Look At Five Therapeutic Yoga Poses

Bow Pose

In bow pose your body takes a form of a bow. This yoga pose is considered to be useful in patients suffering from constipation, depression, anxiety, menstruation, backache, fat loss and respiratory issues.
To do this asana you need to lie comfortably on the stomach. Now place both the hands beside your chest. Now bend both the legs from the knee. By slowly raising your hands try to hold the legs with the help of your hands. Look ahead. Be in this position for few seconds and come to the relaxing position.

Camel Pose

Camel pose is especially beneficial in treating breathing problems, back pain, weakness, worry and menstrual discomfort. To do this pose you need to kneel down on the ground. Now slowly move your thigh in the inward direction. Place your palms on the hips and fingers pointing in the direction of the ground. Now raise your chest up. Bend your body behind by lower the arms a little. Now keep both the hands on the ground such that palms touch the ground.
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Raise your hands and try to hold your feet with the fingers. Hold this position for some time.
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Again come back to the starting position.

Fish Pose

Fish pose is especially beneficial in treating constipation, stress, respiratory ailments, back pain and gives relief from stomach pain during menstrual period. To perform this pose you need to lie on the back. Keeping your legs erect slowly raise your hips in the air and place the hands beneath the hips. Keep hands beside your body, palms resting on the ground. Slowly raise your chest and head off the ground. The crown of your head should rest on the ground. Close your eyes and concentrate on the incoming and outgoing breaths. Relax.

Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose is very helpful in curing anxiety, backache, sciatica, insomnia, indigestion, constipation, gastritis, menstrual pain, osteoporosis and fatigue. To do this pose you need to stand in an erect position. Lift your hands upwards. Join the palms and try to stretch your hands as much as possible. Now as you exhale bend the body in the right direction according to your capacity. Your hands and legs should be completely straight throughout the stretch. Come to the middle and now stretch towards the left sides. Relax. Here you can compare prices for Tramadol, compare delivery methods, payment methods and choose the best offer.

Eagle Pose

Half Moon Pose is very helpful in curing asthma, sciatica, back pain, insomnia and fatigue. To do this pose you need to stand in a straight position. Place both the hands beside the body. Raise your left leg, bend it from your knee and curl it around your right leg. Now raise both the hands and bring them in front of the body. Now curl your left hand around your right hand. Look ahead throughout the process.
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Be in this position for a few seconds. Relax by coming to the starting position.

I am sure you are going to love these wonderful poses and the benefits they bring along with them!! So start practicing them today!!


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