5 Tummy Toning And Training Workouts

Whether you are trying to lose weight or bodybuilding, tummy toning is one of the vital sections of your training program. Stomach toning workouts are especially designed to tone the stomach muscles and remove unnecessary fat from the region. One of the most difficult areas to lose fat is the tummy region; focus on specific tummy toning moves, which will help to reduce fat and keep your abdominal area well toned.
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How To Tone Your Stomach Muscles

1. Air Bike

Start by lying down on floor, keep your back straight. Your knees shall be bent. Your feet shall rest on floor. Keep your hands on the sides of head. You need to move your your torso upwards, which will raise your shoulders in air. You will raise your knees in the air, till the thighs make a 90 degree angle.
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Your calves shall be parallel to floor. You will keep paddling your legs, just as you ride a bicycle. You will be actually moving like cycling in air. Exhale and then slowly get back to your starting position.

You need to repeat the step without pausing. Repeat as many times as you can and your body allows.

air bike

2. Lower Stomach Leg Reach

This workout will target your corset and help you achieve six pack. Start by lying down, with your knees bent to 90 degree angle. Your hands shall be behind your head. Your abs shall be contracted at this stage. Lift your shoulders slowly and start crunching up. Your knees shall be just above the hips at this time. Inhale and remain in this position for at least 15 seconds. Exhale and position your legs at 45 degree angle. Stay in this position for 10 seconds or as much as you can, as you keep squeezing the lower belly. You need to do 15 repetitions and 2 sets at least.

Lower Stomach Leg Reach

3. Scissors

One of the best workouts to tone your stomach, develop muscles and remove unwanted flab! Start the exercise by raising both your legs up. Your legs will be straight. Start by lowering the left leg, till it is around 5-6 inches from the floor. You will slowly lift your shoulders and head from floor and then grasp the right leg backside, as you pull it towards yourself.

Switch legs. Repeat on other side. You need to quickly do this movement 10 times, without stopping.


4. Bridge Opposite Arm And Leg Reach

An effective workout which slims down your waistline and tones your tummy in a short time! Start by lying down with your left knee bent. Your foot ( left) will be flat. Keep your right leg extended. Reach it towards the ceiling along with your hand. Your right arm should be comfortably placed by the side. In this position, you will not move your shoulders or hips. Keep your leg raised to the right. Your arm shall be raised to left. You will now concentrate completely on the abs or your tummy muscles. Get your arm and raised leg back to center.
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You need to repeat this 10-12 times. Switch sides. Repeat.

Bridge Opposite Arm And Leg Reach

5. Leg Drop

Leg drop movement helps to workout your lower stomach muscles and tones them. Start by raising both your legs. Move them towards the ceiling. You need to slowly breathe in and move to tighten the abdominal and tummy region. As you exhale, you will slowly lower your legs till they are just five inches from the floor. You need to pause and slowly breathe in. As you breathe out, you will raise your legs and take them to the starting position.

Leg Drop