5 Types Of One Arm Dumbbell Rows Along With Its Benefits

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To those who want to own svelte back, one arm dumbbell row can prove to be magical for them. This exercise is easy to perform and give incredible benefits. It enhances your back appearance by shedding off excess fat from those regions. The dumbbell rows exercise which you perform by both of your hands exercises only your upper back muscles and shoulders.

On the other hand, one-arm dumbbell rows covers all the regions of your back i.e., the upper, middle and lower back and gives your back a chiselled look. Besides back, the muscles of your chest and triceps are also strengthened. This exercise involves the muscles that stabilize the core. It is advisable to learn the exercises included in this workout under the supervision of an instructor to avoid any injury. Once you get a hang of it you can increase the intensity and time of the exercise according to your set goals.

In This Article We Will Learn About Effective Types Of One Arm Dumbbell Rows And Their Benefits

Steps To Perform One Arm Dumbbell Rows

One-arm dumbbell rows can be easily done using the support of a gym ball or an exercise bench. When one uses the bench it significantly reduces the cases of occurrence of injury as the movement of this exercises required adequate balancing. So try to do the moves on the bench. Second important thing is that to do this exercise you can use the dumbbells of whichever weights suits you. Gradually you can increase the weight to make the exercise intense and effective.


There Are Two Steps Of Doing This Exercise; Both Of Them Have Been Mentioned Below

The Beginning Position

When you have warmed up your body, you can begin with the first step of this exercise. Stand next to the exercise bench and keep the left knee above the bench. Now bend your knee and place your left hand ahead of the knee with the palms holding the corners of the bench. Now hold the dumbbell in the right hand. Keep the hand completely straight and palm facing inwards.


The Movement

This section is related to the movement. Once you have taken the starting position now you have to movement your hands in such a way that impact the muscles of your back. Try to pull the dumbbell in the direction of your chest by bending your elbows. Keep your arms near the thighs and elbow pointing backwards as much as you can then only it will stimulate the back muscles otherwise it will work as a shoulder exercise. Bring your arms down to the beginning position.

Do two sets of twelve repetitions on each side.


Different Ways To Do One Arm Dumbbell Row

There are two of the most effective ways in which you can perform one arm dumbbell row. Use these variations to get the benefits of one arm dumbbell row.

Dumbbell Row With Extension

This is a remarkable variation which gives you the benefits of Dumbbell Row along with triceps extension. Begin with the dumbbell row position. Now gently pull the dumbbell up in the direction of the chest in a row and then push your arm down and keep it straight just like triceps extension. Come to the starting position. This makes one repetition. Do 15 repetitions on both the sides.


Plank With Row

In this variation you are doing plank along with the Dumbbell rows. This is putting an emphasis on the core too. This variation gives you double benefits of stronger back muscles and core. In this exercise you need to place two dumbbells adjacent to your arms and take the position of a normal plank. Grab one of the dumbbells in the right hand. Tighten your abdominal muscles and straighten your back muscles bend your elbow and raise the dumbbell towards the chest. Elbows should point backwards and arms should be kept close to the back. Bring the dumbbells down on the ground. Holding the plank position try to perform 15 reps on both the sides.


Besides the usefulness and effectiveness of this movement for upper body, one arm dumbbell row also significantly helps in lowering the pain associated with the back. If you do this exercise regularly then not only your back becomes rock solid but also it reduces the possibilities of damages and painful symptoms in your entire back region.

If you wish to exercise your back muscles then try making the one arm dumbbell rows a part of your fitness regimen. In less time you are going to see its amazing results!