5 Ultimate Isolation Exercises

Ultimate Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises when included in your strength gaining workout regime can do wonders for your muscles!! These exercises help in allowing you to increase the time period of your training session without stressing your nervous system and other body organs. Isolation exercises done at the completion of the core workout like squats, pull ups, bench presses, deadlifts etc. Makes it more effective and more result oriented.

In this article we will tell you about five best isolation exercises.

These Are Ultimate Isolation Exercises

Front Dumbbell Lateral Raises

This exercise is done mainly to increase the strength of the shoulders. By incorporating several different types of pressing movements your frontal deltoids are exercised.

Hold the dumbbell in your palms and raise it in front of your body to reach the level of shoulders. This will form an angle of 90-degree.

Alternating Dumbbell Raises


Pec Dec is a useful exercise for building the strength of chest muscles. This exercise is really beneficial for people who want a big, expanded and deep chest.


Reverse Curls Using Barbells

This exercise is extremely good for the frontal section of your forearms which many of us do not pay attention to. To do this exercise you need to keep both of your elbows to the sides and slowly curl the wrists towards your upper body. Do it slowly and feel the stretch in every repetition.

Reverse Curls Using Barbells

Leg Extensions

Leg extension is a very powerful exercise which works on your quadriceps. For those who want to strengthen their thigh region and bring it in shape then you must do this exercise post your core workout which includes squats.

Alternate One Arm Leg Extension

Lateral Raise Using Dumbbells

Lateral raise is an excellent isolation exercise which works on the deltoid of your shoulders. It includes the triceps and upper chest region of your body. Regular sets of this exercise post workout increase the muscle density of these regions and make them strong. In this exercise you need to hold the dumbbells in your palms. Now slowly raise your arms in the sideways and try to bring them to the level of the shoulders. Keep your arms a little bent so that you may not feel more stress.

Lateral Raise Using Dumbbells

An important thing to note while doing isolated exercises is that make sure the form is proper and each repetition should be of full range. This helps your muscles experience greater amount of stretch and tension.