5 Upper Body Endurance Building Exercises For Women Athletes

Upper body strength and flexibility is of utmost importance for athletes which helps in building strength and endurance in case of women athletes. Upper body endurance building exercises help in strengthening the chest muscles, work on the back and arm muscles and build flexibility while improving circulation. These exercises are highly recommended since they help in building coordination, help in reducing injury risks and help in improvement levels of workout. If you are keen in improving your body strength and endurance, include these workouts in your regular schedule.

Here Are 5 Upper Body Endurance Building Exercises For Women Athletes:

1. Dip Kick:

This workout helps in targeting the upper back muscles, the shoulders and triceps. Start by sitting on the floor in a comfortable position. Keep your feet flat and your knees shall be bent. You need to lean your body a little back to at least 45 degrees. You need to place your palms on floor and just under the shoulders. Keep your fingers out. Now, pull your left knee towards your chest. Your left foot shall be on top of your right knee. You need to bend your elbows just behind you.
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You can also lift your hips some inches. You need to do this movement at least 8-10 times to start with.

Include this movement at least three times in your workout schedule in a week.
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Dip Kick

2. Pushup On Ball:

This is an easy upper body exercise which can be done by beginners as well. It helps in improving body movements and builds endurance for long training sessions or better performance. You will need a stability ball for the workout. Get in a pushup position. Your hands need to be just under the shoulders and your feet shall be on this ball. Slowly exhale as you start bending the elbows. You will again lower the chest and move towards the floor. You will inhale again and then raise your chest. Get back to the start position. You need to repeat the workout at least 15 times.

Pushup On Ball

3. Plank Arm Row And Rotations:

This is an excellent upper body workout for women which helps in targeting the upper back muscles, the chest muscles, abs, shoulders and all arm muscles. Start the workout by lying down on the floor.

You will be in a push-up position. Your balance needs to be maintained on your toes and hands. Your body shall make a straight line, as you start from the head to the heels. You will move your feet a bit wide and let them be positioned at least shoulder distance apart. Ensure that your hips are at a good level. You will move your left hand from the floor.

Again slowly bend your left elbow just behind you. You can move your hand next to your shoulder. Get back to the start position. You need to repeat the workout as you move your torso towards the right. Your left elbow shall be pointed up.

Get back to the start position and repeat.
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This will make 1 repetition. You need to keep alternating sides. You need to do at least 2 sets and each set shall be of 10 repetitions.

Plank Arm Row And Rotations

4. Barbell Overhead Press:

This is an effective exercise which works to stabilize the upper body and builds strength and endurance in women. You need to start by using a barbell which shall rest on the shoulders.

Hold the barbell with the hands. They should be a little out of your shoulder width and also your elbows. They need to be just in front of bar. Now, slowly push the barbell in a vertical motion. It should make a straight line. You will again shrug the shoulders as you are just as you are on the peak of the movement. Get back to the start position in a controlled way. You need to repeat at least 6 times.

Barbell Overhead Press

5. Bench Dips:

Bench dips are quite helpful in building upper body strength and mobility which is quite necessary for fitness and overall endurance building. Start the exercise with your feet rested on one stability ball. Your palms can be on the bench. Your fingers shall face forward. Your bottom need to be lifted from the bench. Slowly exhale and bend the elbows which will help in lowering the hips. As you start feeling a resistance, you can inhale and start straightening the arms.

Do not over exhaust yourself if you feel uncomfortable in this position Bring up your hips and get back to a start position. Your core and the glutes need to be tight. You need to repeat 8-10 times. As you start feeling comfortable, you can increase the count to 15.

 Bench Dips