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5 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Workout

In the gym and fitness world, everyone is very averse to the idea of alcohol and booze. And for good reasons, as alcohol can negatively impact your workout regimen by short term as well as long term ill effects.Thus giving you all the more reasons to stay away from this habit

Listing Here Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Workout

Causes An Altered State Of Mind

We all know and have heard how alcohol can affect the state of mind. It can cause reduced concentration, which can lead to injuries in the gym. While doing a workout, it is necessary to pay attention to the details and how the exercise is done for the desired effects. Not being able to fully concentrate can reduce the efficiency of the exercise drastically.

Has Unnecessary Sugars And Messes With Your Diet

Many alcohols, such as wines, are high in sugar content. They can cause an unnecessary dump of calories in your body, and do not have any good ingredients which are beneficial to the health. In addition to this, they add to toxins in the body. They also affect the appetite, and a good diet is necessary for those who work out regularly. For all these reasons, alcohol messes with the nutrition your body gets, and should be avoided completely.

Lowers Down Growth Hormone Levels

Alcohol disturbs the normal sleep of a person. It is in sleep that the release of growth hormone is stimulated. Growth hormone is very necessary for building the muscle mass, tissues and development of bones. For those who do a regular workout, without effective growth hormone functioning, their exercise may not produce the preferred results. Alcohol reduces the growth hormone released from the glands in the body, and thus affects the body building.

Affects The Repair Mechanism In The Body

While growth hormone helps to build the tissues, it also has a dual affect that it helps in faster repair of the wear and tear of the body, or any torn tissues. This ability is also affected because of the suppression of growth hormone release by alcohol, indirectly by affecting sleep. This is crucial to healthy body building and goes for a toss due to alcohol consumption.

Affects The Body Hydration Levels

Alcohol is regarded as a toxin, and the body tries to get rid of it as soon as it can. This is through breakdown in liver and excretion through the urine, and results in increased loss of water. Water is very necessary for all energy consuming processes, and routine gym workouts. Loss of excess water reduces the stamina and consequently the ability to perform the workout routine.

Hope these 5 reasons motivate you to stay away from alcohol before and after your workout schedules!


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