5 Best Ways To Boost Your Stamina For Running

[g1_dropcap]R[/g1_dropcap]unning is one of the best ways to burn calories. It helps you to get rid of the excess fat and maintain the healthy body weight. However, for beginners running is not easy. New runners get tired fast and also have a higher risk of injury.

Therefore, if you plan to include running in your fitness routine, take appropriate steps to build endurance that will help you to run with ease.

The Following Steps Will Help You To Increase Your Stamina For Running.

Gradually Increase Your Mileage

You cannot build endurance overnight. Gradually adapting your body to the new condition helps in boosting your stamina. The general rule for beginners is to increase 10% mileage every week. In the beginning you will feel out of breath after running for a few minutes. By running the same distance daily your body will gradually become accustomed to the new exercise, which will help you to add extra distance to your running routine.

Interval Training

Interval training, by increasing your cardiovascular capacity, helps in boosting your stamina for running. Begin your exercise routine with brisk walking followed by jogging and then start running. The 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up activities involving walking and jogging gradually helps in increasing your running capacity.

Weight Training

Strength training exercises help in strengthening your muscles, which helps you to run efficiently and also reduces risk of injuries. To increase your running endurance, do strength training exercises thrice a week.

Take Rest

Once a week take complete rest. On the rest day avoid all types of exercises. Taking a break from exercises helps in repairing the damaged tissues, restores the energy reserve and strengthens the muscles and the heart. Hence, the rest day actually helps in increasing your exercising capacity. It makes you fitter and increases your stamina to run.

Eat Complex Carbohydrate

Your diet plays an important role in building your endurance. Eat complex carbohydrates such as whole grain cereals, oatmeal or quinoa.

The complex carbohydrates are slowly broken down and they release a gradual stream of energy that keeps you energized for a longer time. Furthermore, instead of eating large meals, eat smaller meals four to six times a day. It will help in maintaining your energy at a higher level for a longer time.


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