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5 Simple Ways To Curb Appetite After Workout

You feel hungry after your workout session. However, if you cannot curb your post-workout hunger pangs you will end up gaining all the calories you lost by exercising. A number of studies have shown that overeating after workouts is a major obstacle to weight loss. Although you can eat a healthy snack after workout that helps in refueling your body, but counting the calories and addressing the actual nutritional needs of your body help in preventing weight gain despite doing strenuous exercises.

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Control Appetite After Workouts:

Drink Water

Keeping the body hydrated helps in curbing hunger pangs. Drink water not only after workouts but also during workouts. When you drink water you feel full and eat less. After a strenuous workout session your brain may mistake dehydration for hunger. Drink 8 to 16 ounces of water after exercising, which will replenish the depleted water reserve of your body and will reduce your hunger pain.

Drink A Glass Of Milk

Milk is not only an excellent post workout food that helps in recovery. It also helps in curbing hunger after exercising. The protein-rich milk will easily make you feel full and will reduce your desire for eating. To curb post workout appetite, drink a glass of low fat chocolate milk after your workout session.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum helps in taming the post exercise hunger pangs. Studies have shown that chewing gum increases satiety that helps in reducing cravings for energy dense foods. Apart from the plain chewing gum, chewing gums enriched with B vitamins, chromium or hydroxycitric acid help in bolstering metabolism and suppressing hunger after workouts.

Eat Throughout The Day

It may sound contradictory but you can suppress hunger and consume fewer calories by eating small healthy snacks throughout the day. Snacking helps in maintaining a steady supply of calories that will keep you energized in-between meals. Eating a small snack that combines protein and complex carbohydrate can easily prevent overeating after workouts.

Make Workout Interesting

Eating is a way to reward yourself after a boring workout. To prevent emotional eating because of boredom, make your workout interesting. Try different types of exercises that your love doing.

You will feel less hungry after exercising when you enjoy your workout session.


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