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5 Women’s Strength Training Exercises To Burn Back Fat And Tone Muscles

One of the toughest strength training areas for women is their back muscles. Back fat is quite a common problem for women. Full body training is often recommended for losing weight from the back muscles and toning them. Women need to focus more on strength training and toning exercises. These exercises offer best results when included in their daily routine for at least thirty minutes. Toning back muscles is also good for your overall fitness and health. Strength training exercises offer double benefit of burning fat and toning muscles at the same time.

Here Are 5 Women’s Strength Training Exercises To Burn Back Fat And Tone Muscles:

1. Pushup Holds:

This is quite a favorite among women who love strength training workouts. Get in a pushup position. Your hands need to be kept just under the width of your shoulder. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. Now, your body should make a straight line as you stay in this position, from the heels to head.

You will bend your elbows and slowly lower the body, as your body hovers some inches just above the floor. Now, breathe deeply. You can then press a little half way up and hold your breath for a minute. You can again lower your back down and get to the lowest point. You can hold one deep breath. Get back to the half way point and hold on some more. You can repeat this pattern at least three times more. It should be 5 times in total.

2. Renegade Row:

This is an essay, yet quite an effective exercise for women who need to burn their back fat and tone muscles effective. Start by getting in a plank position. Your arms shall be straight and directly under the shoulders. You will squeeze the butt muscles at this point. You can pull the ab muscles tight and towards the spine.

Do not exert yourself too much in this position. If you feel a pain, you can stop immediately and resume later. In this position you can hold on to a 3 or 5 pound weight in your hand. You can get started with a single arm at one time. You can also pull your weight back and get in a row movement. Your upper back and the delt muscles shall be engaged. Do this for 8-10 counts as you start.

3. Assisted Pullups:

To do this workout, you will need to loop one band on the top section of a pull-up bar. You need to hold this bar with your hands, just under the width of your shoulders. Your palms shall be facing one another. You need to again place your one foot or knee, just inside this band. Be careful, so that you do not topple and fall down in this position. You will hang from at least one arms length from this position. You need to get back to this position soon. Hang on each side as you lower your back down. You need to repeat this 5-6 times as you start. Later, you can increase the frequency to 10 times.

4. Box Squat Jump:

This is a plyometric exercise which works to stimulate the fast twitch muscles fibers and also helps in burning unwanted fat from the back muscles. This workout is especially suitable for women who suffer from weight related problems. You start the workout by getting down in a quarter squat like position. You will again quickly explode from your hips and the legs upward, as you start swinging the arms in the air. You will be propelling yourself just on top of box. You need to land very softly on this box, so that you do not hurt yourself. You also need to ensure that you get back in a standing position. Now, slowly, you shall step off from this box and get back in a start position. You need to do this workout quickly and at least 6-8 times as you start.

5. Hip Bridge:

Start by lying down on your back in a comfortable position. Your feet shall be flat and needs to be hip distance apart. Keep your arms relaxed and your knees shall be bent. Now, you need to slowly squeeze the buttocks, as you pull up your hips. You will be making a straight line from your knees to shoulders. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. You need to do this for at least 10 times. To make the movement a bit tough, you can lift a foot from the floor. You can hold it straight upwards and towards the ceiling. Your foot shall be flexed. Your hips will be even. This is quite challenging and effective at the same time.


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