5 Yoga Asanas To Treat Kidney Stones

kidney stones

Yoga enables both physical and mental well being. This complete workout clams the mind and keeps the body fit and in good shape. But did you know that certain asanas can help treat kidney stones? Yes, certain postures help remove kidney stone and cure associated symptoms. A few even help prevent the incidence of kidney stones.
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Here Are The List Of Yoga Asana For Kidney Stones


Lie flat on your stomach with your hips, legs and toes touching the floor. Place your hands on either side of the chest. Slowly lift your chest and head and stretch your spine by straightening your arms. Bend your neck slightly backwards to form a cobra posture. You should feel the stomach pressing against the ground. Breathe normally. Hold the posture for 15 seconds and return to original position. This pose aids in the removal of kidney stones.



Kneel on the floor and place your arms on your side. Place your chest close to your thighs and start bending forward until your forehead touches the floor. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and breathe normally. Return back to original position. This asana not only reduces the signs of kidney stones, but also prevents the formation of the same.



Lie straight on your back and bend your knees. Embrace your right knee close to your chest, so that you apply pressure on your stomach with your thigh. Inhale and exhale. Raise your head as well as chest to touch the right knee with your chin. Hold this position for 10 seconds and come again to original position. Repeat the same with your left knee. This asana is beneficial for removing kidney stones.



Kneel on the ground and place your hand on the side. Bend backwards and try to hold your heels using your hands. Stretch backward until you sense a good stretch on your back.
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Stay in this position for 15 seconds and get back to original position. This prevents kidney stones.



Sit in padmasana position. Close your right side nostril using your left index finger and breathe in through your left side nostril. Breathe out through your right side nostril. Repeat the same using your right hand. Perform this for 30 seconds with each nostril. This breathing exercise eases pain associated with kidney stones and prevents the formation of kidney stones.