5 Yoga Exercises For Thighs And Hips

Yoga Exercises For Thighs And Hips

Toned and well shaped hips and thighs is the secret desire of many but unfortunately this is the most difficult areas to lose weight from! However, there is still some good news. There are several yoga postures which help in achieving toned thighs with regular practice. With these effective yoga postures you can tone your thigh, hips and buttock muscles and remove unwanted flab from your hips too quite effectively. Start buying all those dresses you admired and secretly wished if you could wear them – now you will be. Here are some of the best postures which will help you to tone your muscles.

Easy Yoga Postures For Buttocks

Bridge Pose

These postures are best for strengthening your abdominal and glutes. This pose is especially helpful for those who have gained weight in the hip areas due to long hours of desk job or those who have never exercised in the past and are just starting. Start by lying down on your back. Bend the knees and feet should be flat on floor. Your feet should be at least hip distance apart from one another. Keep your arms by your sides and your palms will face down. As you inhale you will lift up your pelvis.
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Press your palms and heels on floor. Your belly should be firm. Do not overstretch yourself as you arch back. Stay in this position for at least 5 breaths. Exhale as you get back to the starting position.

Bridge Position

Chair Pose

Chair pose is quite similar to the squats. This is however a bit easier, since you are holding a steady position and not moving up and downwards in a jerk.
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Start the exercise by keeping your feet at a distance – preferably hip distance. You can extend your hands overhead. Squatting down slowly and not extending the knees you will go up to your ankles. Keep looking forward as your abdomen is held in. Your butt muscles shall be engaged as you will press the legs. Breathe slowly. Stay in this position till you are able to. You can start this for one minute.

Chair Position

Three Legged Dog

An effective exercise which tones the butt and workout the lower abs. To start the exercise you will go on your knees and hands. Slowly lift up your knees and hips from the ground.
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Your heels will be pressed softly on the ground. This posture is quite like the dog facing downwards. From this posture, you can extend one of your legs in air just behind. This will squeeze the butt while on top motion. You will again bring this extended leg down towards the nose. Bring it as close as you can. This should be repeated at least 10 times. You can repeat the process with your other leg.

Three Legged Dog

Balancing Table Pose

This yoga posture helps in working out the butt region, thighs abdominal muscles also. Start the posture on your knees and hands. You will lift the right arm straight, right in front. Your left leg shall be completely straight and behind. Start pulling in your belly slowly as much as you can. As you inhale, you will lift your leg and arm high as much as possible. Hold the position for at least 8 breaths if you can. As you exhale, get back slowly to the position you started. You will repeat this exercise on your other side with your right leg and left arm.

Balancing Table Pose

Warrior 3 Pose

This posture is about lots of concentration and balance. It might be a bit tough for beginners, but with time it is really effective and helpful in toning down the thighs.
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  It should not be done in a hurry and beginners should not worry if they are not able to do it in their first attempt – this will take time. Start by standing on the yoga mat as your feet is kept wide. Your abs will be engaged as you turn the right food to side as you slowly extend the arms towards the sides. In the next step you will move to extend the right arm down as much as you can. It will be extended towards your right ankle to get into the side triangle. Your left arm shall be extended overhead. You will drop your hands to floor and again lift left leg in the air just behind you.
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If you are flexible enough and if it is possible, you should raise your arms in front. Look upwards and hold till you can balance. In case if you find it difficult to raise your arms, you can take one arm at a time.