5 Yoga Exercises To Fight Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Is bad breath embarrassing you? Bad breath is caused due to a number of reasons, but it is easily noticeable and can keep people away from you.

Yoga has effective solutions for people suffering from bad breath problems caused due to poor food habits, poor digestion, dehydration or even due to the type of food consumed. Practicing these postures on regular basis helps in taking care of bad breath problem easily.

Yoga Postures For Bad Breath Problem

Kapal Bhati

Kapal Bhati

One of the most widely followed exercises and the solution to several health issues is Kapal Bhati. Start by sitting comfortable and keeping your spine erect. Your palms will be open and you need to slowly breathe in. Pull in your stomach as you again breathe out. Relax your abdomen and navel and the breath flows to the lungs automatically. Do this at least 20 times.

Yoga Mudra or Psychic Union Pose

Psychic Union Pose

Start by sitting in padmasana keeping your legs crossed. Keep breathing normally and relax all the while.
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Now close your eyes. Bend your body from waist and try to touch the floor with your forehead. You need to be in this position for at least 5 breaths and relax. Rise after a minute and repeat.

Cooling Breath or Sheetali Pranayama

Sheetali Pranayama

Sit in padmasana, keeping your legs crossed. Both your hands will be on your thighs. Slowly open your mouth and curl in your tongue as if forming a tube. Inhale from this tube. Do this for at least 20 breaths.

Simhasana or Lion Pose


Start by leaning down on your yoga mat. Your right foot will be below your left buttock and left foot below your right buttock. Your hands will be on knees. Spread the fingers out and lean a bit forward. Your body weight will be on your hands as your hands remain straight. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Keep your face muscles tense and eyes open. Gaze has to be on the tip of your nose or just at center of your eyebrows.

Sheetkari Pranayama

Sheetkari Pranayama

Use your right thumb to close your right nostril. Exhale totally from your left nostril. You will breathe in using your left nostril.
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Now close your left nostril using your little ring finger.

Exhale using your right. Do this at least 20 times for each side.
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