6 Back Exercises With Dumbbells For Power And Strength For Beginners

Back exercises with dumbbells for those who are just starting their gym routine is an effective way to build their back muscles and also tone them. These exercises help in building power and strength, which means a stronger and healthier core. Strong back muscles help in stabilizing the shoulder muscles, help in working out your upper body and also are just perfect for targeting the arm muscles. Beginners can start back exercises with dumbbells with a trainer, so that they know the right way of doing the workout and do not hurt themselves in the long run.

Here Are 6 Back Exercises With Dumbbells For Power And Strength For Beginners:

1.Two Point Rows For Back:

Beginners should include this routine in their daily workout to tone the back muscles, improve circulation and improve their strength of the muscles. Start the workout with your left side facing the workout bench. You will have a dumbbell in your right hand.

Now, your left hand and your left knee shall be on a bench. You need to bend a bit forward till your back is totally parallel to the ground. Allow the right arm to hang and let it move it towards the floor.
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You can then move your hand as if you are rowing. Your right arm shall be moving close to the trunk. You shall now squeeze the shoulder blades a bit back. You can again release your arm and then repeat. You need to repeat at least 8-10 times.

Two Point Rows For Back

2. Bent Over Row:

Start the workout by standing up and then reaching down slowly so that you are able to hold on to the dumbbells with your hands. Your knees shall be a bit bent. You can then lift your dumbbells up, till the upper arms are totally parallel to the body. You can again lower your arms back, once you have paused. You need to have your back straight all the while.

Remember that only one arm shall be moving during the entire exercise. You need to do the workout for ten minutes to start with.

Bent Over Row

3. Single Point Rows:

This is a favorite exercise for the back muscles amongst the beginners. This does not take much time and is quite effective at the same time. Start the workout by holding a dumbbell in the left hand. You will hinge a bit forward from your hips. You need to hinge at least 45-90 degrees. You wil simulataneously lift the left arm so that you are able to balance on your right leg. You will again row your left arm up for a required number of repetitions. You can repeat the workout on your right side. In case you find it difficult to balance, you can allow the loose hand to rest on a bench. This shall offer you much stability. This exercise helps in building strong back muscles for great stability.

Single Point Rows

4. Wide Rows:

This is an easy workout, quite suitable for beginners. Start with a dumbbell in your hand.

You will slowly flex the knees and hips so that you are in a squat position, as you start the workout. You will then lift both the dumbbells in your hands, but you will not alter the angles at the knees or your hips. You will again lower your hips back after a short pause. You will slowly breathe out as you move the dumbbells. You will breathe in and get back to the start position. You need to repeat the exercise at least 10 times as you start the workout.

Wide Rows

5. Single Arm Rows:

This workout is also known as the three point rows with single arms. You need to stand in a comfortable position. You will stand just as you take up the bent over rows position. You need to hold on to a dumbbell in a comfortable position in the right hand. You can rest the left hand on the left thigh for total support. Now, start rowing your right arm for at least 10 repetitions. You can again straighten and then reset. You will again again repeat on your left side.

Single Arm Rows

6. Dead Lift:

This is an important exercise which works on all your back muscles and helps in building a strong and powerful back muscles. Start by standing comfortably, as you hold a barbell in each hand. You will then flex your hips and knees, so that you are able to lower your dumbbells straight down. You can raise your back up after a brief pause. You need to breathe in comfortably, as you lower.
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You will again breathe out as you get back to the start position.

Dead Lift