6 Balance Training Exercises For Sports Performance Improvement

If you are training for better sports performance or improvement in sports, you need to work on the balancing act. This is especially important where the primary movement involves crucial balancing movements. There are some specific muscles of your body which you need to work on which includes some deep core muscles which will tighten your midsection.

Balance training workouts help in preparing athletes for quick turning or lunging events. Balance training workouts are also essential for bodybuilders for building their endurance level and performance skills.

Here Are 6 Balance Training Exercises For Sports Performance Improvement:

1. Wall Push-Ups

For this workout, you need to stand close to the wall. Ideally, you need to be at an arms distance from the wall. You can place a ball between the wall and yourself. You need to put your hand on the ball which needs to be a bit wider than the distance from your shoulders. As you do this workout, you need to be in a neutral upright position. Move the chest close to the ball and then get back to your neutral position. This is an effective balancing exercise which will improve sports performance.

Wall Push-Ups

2. Exercise Ball Crunches

Exercise balls are considered to be the best balancing workouts for even beginners.
These are standard crunches done on exercise balls which help in building an amazing balancing skill.
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You need to lie down on your back. You can support your head with hands as you keep your feet on the floor. You need to slowly raise your torso and then move to decrease and then again increase, the little space between your hip bones and the rib cage. You need to do at least more than 10 crunches.

Exercise Ball Crunches

3. One Leg Balance

This is a simple balancing workout which offers amazing results. You need to keep a chair within your arm’s distance. Keep your feet together. Now, you will pick up one foot as you face forward or look sideways.

You will be in this position as you keep your eyes open and then later close. Once done, you can switch your feet and then repeat at least four times. Do this at least 12 -15 times as you start and then increase the count as you get used to it.

One Leg Balance

4. Stair Climbing

This is a smart workout which can be done at home if you are not able to visit the gym. Stair climbing machine can be used in the gym for improving balance. Start by climbing the stairs, it is best if steep climbing is possible but without using hands. If steep climbing is not possible, stair climbing shall also help at different paces and without using hands. Speed up the climbing pace after some minutes and keep changing the pace. This can be done for at least twenty minutes at a comfortable pace. This is a great workout which helps in improving balance and makes the leg muscles stronger. If you are just starting your gym routine, do not exert much or you might injure yourself.

stair climbing

5. Crossover Walk

A great balancing exercise which building a correct posture and balance for better sports performance. Start by standing as you keep your feet at least hip distance apart. Start walking towards the right by crossing the left leg just over your right. You can get back to the start position again. You will continue doing this side stepping in a regular motion for at least 15 yards. You can repeat the workout in another direction. Perform this exercise at least five times in each direction. If you are looking for some advanced level training, you can do this at a faster pace. This can be done by a high knee raise as you are crossing the leg and slowly twisting your hips.

crossover walk

6. Pistol Squats

For balance training, you need to have strong quadriceps. Pistol squats work on these muscles and also help in activating the core muscles. This exercise also works on the calves, hamstrings and glute muscles. This is one of the most recommended balancing workouts for athletes who perform on one leg and where balancing determines the success.
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Start by placing a BOSU ball just in front of you. The flat side shall be up and the round side should be on the floor. You can step on this ball with a foot right in the center. Your arms shall be straight right in front of the body and at shoulder level. Your arms shall be parallel to floor. You can do a standard squat at 90 degrees. Make sure that the knees do not bend. You can progress by adding weight. Do this at least 10 times to start the workout.

pistol squats