6 Barbell Exercises For Stronger Back Muscles

Strong back muscles are one of the primary requirements for not just bodybuilders but for anyone who exercises regularly for fitness. This is especially in the case of men who need to have stronger back muscles as per their physique. Men love V-tapered backside which adds to the confidence and personality of the individual. How does one achieve such a kind of back muscle – is it possible to have strong back muscles with barbell exercises? Yes, it is possible with right exercises and regularity with your planned diet.

Here Are 6 Barbell Exercises For Stronger Back Muscles:

1. One Arm Row

For this exercise, you need to wedge one end of the bar to a corner. You can also wrap this in a towel if you wish, as this will save the walls or else if you workout regularly, your walls might be damaged. You will be facing away from the corner. Hold this barbell just behind your sleeve in a comfortable position. Do not strain your muscles at this point. This is the space from where you usually load the weights using your right hand. You can stagger your legs so that your left leg is a bit forward as your lower back is flat.

Bend slightly at your hips till your torso is parallel to the floor. You can draw your shoulder blade backward and slowly row this bar. It helps in strengthening your back muscles and builds stability. If your back hurts, you need to stop in between and try some other time.

With practice you will get comfortable in the position.

One Arm Row

2. Deadlift With Barbell

Start by crouching down so that you are able to reach the barbell which is on the floor. You can grab this barbell using both your hands.
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This will be a medium grip position. Your arms shall be extended. Your legs will be shoulder width apart. Now, start raising your body up as your arms are in an extended position. You can slowly lower your position after a small break. You can slowly breathe out as you are raising yourself. Breathe in as you lower down. Deadlift with barbell is the most popular workout for those who are looking forward to V-shaped back muscles.

Deadlift With Barbell

3. Barbell Good Morning

This is an easy workout which is quite effective for your back muscles. You will hold a barbell just behind your shoulders.

Hold it with your both hands. You can lean a bit forward so that your body is just perpendicular to the floor. Slowly raise the upper body so that you are in a standing position. You will then again start to lower slowly and get back to your original position after a small pause. Remember to breathe out as you raise yourself and you will breathe in as you lower your body.

Barbell Good Morning

4. Yates Row

This is one of the most common exercises with barbells that help in strengthening the back muscles. You will hold a bar with your underhand grip at a distance of your shoulder width. Your lower back shall be in its natural arch position. You can bend your hips back and slowly lower the torso to make an angle of 60 degrees. You need to slowly move your weight to the belly button. Try and not to let the lower back in round position. You can also use the wrist straps which will ensure a good grip.

Yates Row

5. Barbell Shrug

Include barbell shrug in your everyday exercise routine for stronger back muscles. Get into the position by standing  comfortably, and then hold the barbell down. This should be just in front of the thighs. Keep your arms extended and your palms will be facing backward. Now, from this position, you will raise the barbell as you slowly lift your shoulders upwards. You will again get back to the starting position after a brief pause. Your arms shall be extended all the while. Barbell shrug will tone down your back muscles and remove fat.
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Barbell Shrug

6. Bentover Row To Neck

Just as you workout in the Yates row routine, you will start by holding a bar with your underhand grip. This should be a bit away from the shoulder width. You will slowly bend forward till your torso gets in a parallel position to the floor. You should feel comfortable at this position and in case uncomfortable, you should not continue. You will then squeeze the shoulder blades together and slowly move your weight to the neck. You need to be very careful in this position with the weight.

It is recommended to use light-weight so that you do not injure yourself in the process.

Bentover Row To Neck