6 Beginners Exercises To Reduce Knee Stiffness and Improve Muscle Flexibility


Do you feel weak in your knees even after light exercising? Do you frequently experience some kind of joint pain and stiffness? Knee stiffness is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers. Pain in the knees or inability to move knees can be a big hindrance to your regular workout sessions. Stretching exercises are quite effective and help in improving blood circulation. This helps in reducing knee stiffness, builds flexibility of the knees and can often lead to poor performance in different sports. Beginners, who are starting out need to do a few knee stretching workouts to remove any kind of stiffness and build easy flexibility of the muscles.

Here Are 6 Beginners Exercises To Reduce Knee Stiffness and Improve Muscle Flexibility:

1. Chair Knee Extension

Start this workout by sitting comfortably in your chair. Your foot shall be on another chair and at rest, in a comfortable position. This position will make your knees slightly raised. Now, slowly push your raised knee a bit towards the floor. You will do this by using your leg muscles only. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds.

You can then release. You need to repeat at least 5 times on your each leg. This workout will help in improving blood circulation and build muscle flexibility while reducing knee stiffness.

Chair Knee Extension

2. Step- Ups

You need to a step-up machine for this workout. You can also stand comfortably in front of stairs. The steps shall be at least two feet in height for good effectiveness of this workout. Start by standing comfortably in front of the step.

Now, you need to step up on the stairs.

Your knees shall be completely straight as you step up. Now, step down. This is an easy movement but extremely effective and helpful for knee stiffness. You need to comfortably do this workout at a steady pace. As you become comfortable with the movement, you can start to move your ups up and down as in brisk walking. You need to start this step-ups for a minute. Take rest and repeat. This movement shall get your heart pumping and will also help to lose weight.

 Step- Ups

3. Calf Stretch

This is a standing exercise which is also quite effective in reducing injury to your knee muscles. This often leads to a slight inward stretch of the muscles. Start by standing in a comfortable position. You will stand just at the edge of a step. Your left foot shall be placed on round. You can keep your right foot on the step. Let the right heel slowly move down, just below the step. Stay in that position for at least 20 seconds. You can then again switch the sides. Your both feet can also be placed on a calf machine or step.

You will be dropping your both heels together. Just remember to hold something or you might just fall.

Calf Stretch

4. Lacrosse Ball Calf Smash

This is an effective exercise which helps to work on the tension of knee muscles and the hamstrings. Start by sitting on the floor in a comfortable position. You will slowly pull the right foot close to the butt. Your knees shall be bent in this position. You will slowly wedge a lacrosse ball just below the knee. The ball should be ideally placed between the hamstring and calf muscles. You will be creating a good compressing force as you slowly move your shin close to you. You can slowly rotate the foot and alternate in comfortable circular movement. This will help in creating a good space in the knee joint. This helps in reducing any stiffness and improves blood flow. Any kind of tightness will be slowly relieved if this workout is done on a regular basis.

Lacrosse Ball Calf Smash

5. Glute Stretch

This is an easy muscle stretch workout which is done by rotating the hips. This exercise has a great positive effect on knee joint and muscles. The knee muscles can be stretched in many ways. Lie comfortably on your back. Your feet shall be comfortable on the ground. You can slowly cross your right ankle just above the left knee. You will clasp your hands comfortably just behind the left thigh. Now, you can gently and slowly pull the left knee close to the chest. Repeat the movement on your other side.

Glute Stretch


6. Knee Flexion

Start by sitting down on a chair comfortably. You will then loop a long towel just under the foot. Your foot shall be resting comfortably on floor. Now, slowly pull the towel with your both hands. This will cause your knee to bend a little. You can slowly raise your foot at least 5 inches above the ground. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. You can then release. You will repeat this movement at least 5 times for both your legs.

Knee Flexion