6 Beginners Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch Hip Flexors

6 Beginners Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch Hip Flexors

Are you looking forward to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors? Strong hip flexors are advantageous in many ways. These will not just help in building agility but will also help in quick movement and flexibility. These are very important for athletes, bikers, and runners who need to workout regularly. Include a few exercises every day in your daily routine which will help in strengthening and stretching your hip flexor muscles and shall also reduce the risks of injuries and pain. These are simple exercises and should be done if it is not painful.

Here Are 6 Beginners Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch Hip Flexors:

1. Lunges:

Start in a standing and comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths and relax before you start the workout. You need to look straight ahead and then take a step forward. You will step forward using your right foot. You will slowly bend the extended knee and then transfer the weight of your body, in front of the right leg. You need to continuously lower your body slowly and get in a lunge position, till the left knee moves just above. It should be softly kissing the floor or ground. You will position the right knee just above the right ankle. Now, take a small step back and get into a standing position. You will then repeat the entire process using the left leg. If at any point you feel a pain, you need to stop and start the next day again. Do not over exert yourself too much to challenge your body.



2. Pendulam:

You will start this workout by lying down on your back. Your arms shall be in a T position. Keep your legs straight and up. Your feet shall also be together and your toes flexed or in a pointed position. You need to slowly exhale and then lower the legs a few inches to your left. You will not touch the floor at this point. You need to slowly inhale and get back to the start position. You will repeat this same movement to your right and complete one repetition. You need to keep your lower back on the floor while you are doing this stretch. You need to repeat 8 times. Do in sets of 2 as you start and then increase. This exercise is very effective in working out your hips, obliques and ab muscles.


3. Straight Leg Raise:

This is an easy exercise and quite suitable for those who are starting their fitness schedule. You need to start by lying down on the back. Your palms shall be by your side. You will slowly take turns and extend each leg up. You will extend your leg up above the ground for at least two seconds. You should hold your leg at an angle of 45-degree as you are starting. Keep your opposite leg bent from your knees. Your feet shall be planted firm on the ground, as you slowly raise your foot up. Your toe at this point shall be pointed towards the sky.

Straight Leg Raise

4. Hip Flexion In Seated Position:

You will be engaging the hip flexors more than 90-degree so that you are able to strengthen the muscles in their specific range of motion. You will be sitting in a comfortable posture as you do the workout. Slowly raise the right knee and bring it close to the chest. You shouldn’t let the thigh muscles roll in or roll out at this point. You will pause for a brief time and then quickly lower the knees and get back the starting position as soon as you can. You need to repeat at least 10 times. You will do the workout in sets of 3 when you start working out.

Hip Flexion In Seated Position

5. Skater Squats:

This exercise is quite similar to the regular squat which is usually done to workout the thighs and lower abdominal muscle. The only difference is that this workout targets the hips effectively. You need to start by bending comfortably from your hips and knees. You will slowly lower the butt and move it close to the ground as you keep the back straight. It is important not to exert too much or you might hurt yourself. Your chest muscles will be lifted at this point. Once you have completed a squat, you will be slowly moving your weight to the left or the right leg. You will be doing this, as you lift your opposite leg off the side and keeping the toes pointed and straight ahead. You will be alternating your legs every time. You need to do this at least 8-10 times at a stretch.

Skater Squats