6 Beginners Pilates Exercises For Strength And Fitness

For Strength And Fitness

Pilates exercises have gained immense popularity since the early 20th century. These are the best exercises, especially for beginners who are looking forward to fitness and great strength. Pilates movements help in building solid core muscles, help in building overall fitness and offer great strength. Pilates offer several benefits as they help in working out the whole body with least fear of injuries and strains.

Here Are 6 Beginners Pilates Exercises For Strength And Fitness

1. Double Leg Stretching

One of the easiest exercises to start your pilates fitness schedule. You can start by lying down with your face up on the mat. You will slowly lift up your neck, shoulders, and head. Pull your knees comfortably towards the chest. Your arms shall be hugging the shins at this point. You will slowly inhale and then straighten your legs. Your legs shall make a 45-degree angle as you slowly extend your arms by your ears. Now, exhale slowly and then move your arms, as if making a circle. You will hug your shins and get back to the start position. Remember that your shoulders shall be away from the mat. Maintain normal breathing.

Double Leg Stretching

2. Straight One Leg Stretching

This is another interesting variation by which you will be stretching one leg at a time. This helps in building strength in your legs, thighs and develops solid core muscles. Start by lying down on the mat. Your face shall be up. Your legs will be extended and straight. They need to be perpendicular to the floor.

Slowly lift up your head, shoulders, and neck from the mat.
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You will bring in your right leg as close as possible towards the face. You need to be flexible at this point. You will hold on to your right calf using both your hands. You need to move your right leg towards the face twice as your left leg stays extended from the body.
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Your left leg shall hover just above the mat. You need to repeat on your other side.

Straight One Leg Stretching

3. Leg Circles

Leg circles are the best pilates movement for lower abdominals, core and leg muscles. They help in reducing waist size and reduce bulky thigh problems. Start by lying down on your back. Keep your legs extended on the floor. Slowly lift your left leg up and point towards the ceiling. Your toes shall be pointed up. Your hands will be by your sides. Your palms shall be down. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. Now, makes one small circle in the air with the left toes. Your legs will be rotating from the hips. As you start making the circle, you will inhale and once you have made the circle, you will slowly exhale. Your body has to be still. You shouldn’t be tightening the abs. Do at least 5 such circles and then repeat with your other leg.

Leg Circles

4. Crisscross

This exercise can be done even when you are in a hurry. It works to strengthen your whole body and adds power and strength to your muscles. Start by lying down on the mat. You will be facing the ceiling. Keep your hands behind your neck and elbows in a wide position.

Slowly lift your head, shoulders, and neck from the mat. Pull up your left armpit towards the right knee. You need to also extend your left leg to a half diagonal position. You can twist to another side and then switch your legs. You will be bringing right armpit towards the left knees. You can slowly extend your right leg. Do this movement at least 8-10 times as you start.


5. Side Bends

For this movement, stand up straight and comfortable. Keep your legs a little distance apart. Keep your arms straight and down. Now, bend your waist towards your right, and move your right hand down towards the ankles. Bend as much as you can. You will feel a good stretch. Stay for 4-5 seconds and get back to the original position. Now lower to your opposite side. Go down the same distance and repeat. Repeat 10 times for each side.

Side Bends

6. Leg Kicks

Leg kicks are effective in improving the blood circulation and improving muscle strength. Start by lying down on the left. Keep your legs straight and keep them together. Your main intention is to make one line with your body. You will slowly prop yourself up to your left elbow and the forearm. Your chest shall be lifted from the floor. Your head shall point towards the ceiling. Now, keep your right hand on the ground just in front. This will offer a great balance to your body. In case you feel uncomfortable, you can extend the left arm on the ground. You can then rest the head on arm. Slowly, lift up the right leg towards the hip. You can flex the foot. Your toes shall be pointed in front.

Leg Kicks