6 Benefits Of Hula Hoop Exercises

Did you know that hula hoop helps in burning nearly 200 calories in 30 minutes? Many people are using hula hoop for staying fit and healthy. These include Kelly Osbourne, Catherine Zeta-Jones as well. This is a complete body workout which improves flexibility as well as tones the body well.

Here Are The Various Benefits Of Hula Hoop For Those Of You Who Are Not Aware Of.

Fitness Levels Increase

This is an aerobic form of exercise but with the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. It helps in increasing the heart rate and strengthens the muscles as well. It also helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body.  Those who love working out in the open and especially like the kids to be involved as well, hula hoop are the best form of exercise.

Tones The Body

Hula hoop helps in strengthening the core muscles of the body. The push and pull motion while hula hooping burns the fat from the body. This makes the body toned.

Improves Balance

Hula hooping is an art which requires balancing to do it properly. It requires a certain rhythm without which one can’t hoop. Balancing and coordination in the body improves immensely with regular hooping.

Improves Flexibility And Posture Of Spine

The best way to improve flexibility of the spine in the body apart from dancing is hula hopping. The body becomesextremely flexible over a period of time. It also helps in preventing injuries to the back.

Burns Fat

Hula hopping is a full body exercise and all the muscles of the body are involved in it especially the big muscles in the body. To pull these muscles a significant amount of energy is required which in turns helps in burning the excess fat in the body.

Happiness Factor

Apart from being a good exercise, hula hoop is all about having fun. It requires a lot of practice to get the rhythm right and it is definitely fun when the hula keeps falling off. People laugh so much when they don’t get the rhythm right.

Still doing those boring indoor exercise? Go ahead get yourself a hula hoop and enjoy doing it outside.

It is definitely as well as exercise!!


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